Mother-daughter vacations are good for health

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A mother-daughter vacation may be just what your doctor has recommended. If you need a stress-relieving vacation right now, pack your bags, grab your mom or daughter, and go.

According to research from Harvard Medical School, taking a mother-daughter trip once a year can help relieve stress, improve immunity and reduce the chance of heart disease. Basically, it shows similar benefits to getting a good night's sleep and eating a healthy diet.

Always these researchers explain that having strong relationships and spending quality time with those people could also help you live longer.

Inspiration for a mother-daughter holiday: some ideas

There really are endless options for a mother-daughter vacation: you can visit a European capital or go on safari in Africa. In summer you can spend a relaxing week on the beautiful beaches of southern Spain, while in winter you can spend a few days in the mountains and typical villages of South Tyrol. It is up to you to choose according to the tastes of your mother/daughter and the budget of time/money that you have available.

For undemanding vacations, even 1-3 days, you can also consider buying a SmartBox: Buy a smart box

SmartBoxes are a trend that has gained a lot of ground lately, both among the youngest and among the not so young, because they have a fair selection of options and can be given as a gift to someone, giving them the basis to organize themselves. a nice vacation somewhere.

In case you already have a clear idea of ​​where to go, I recommend that you look for the best accommodation for quality/price in

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