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    Most Used Free and Paid Dating Sites: Top 11

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    Are you looking for dating apps and most used meeting sites in Spain and in the world?

    Dating sites are an excellent solution to find love online, or to meet people of the opposite sex interested in dating without obligation.

    In this article I have created a complete guide to best dating sites that exist on the web, either free than for a fee. I have selected the safest, most reliable sites and apps with the highest number of subscribers in our country. I present to you a preview below. Read on if you want the full review!

    Popular dating apps and sites 2022

    Below I present to you the review of the most used dating sites and apps in Spain. I will go through them one by one, so you will find out how they work, if they are free or paid and what are the most interesting features they offer.

    We will also see which are the best online dating sites based on the type of relationships you are looking for (adventures, serious relationships) and age target (guys, seniors).

    1. Be2

    For those who are looking for a serious story, Be2 (here the official website) is the first choice. It is a dating site, in fact, created with the aim of bringing together a soul mate.

    The company that created this service has expanded to such a level that today Be2 is present in over 37 countries, with more than 30 million members worldwide!

    It must be said that it is a meeting portal dedicated to those aged 30 and over. Here we don't play, it's serious! Here's how it works:

    • Personality test with detailed analysis of the results
    • Based on the test results, you are advised of possible partners
    • Ability to contact other users, even via videochat

    Contact between two users can only take place if both have given consent, so we will not be obliged to engage in unwanted conversations. In this way we also have the guarantee that the person we write to is already interested in us.

    If you are looking for a serious relationship and have bad experiences with other dating sites behind you, Be2 could be the ideal solution for you. Register for free by clicking here, take the personality test and find the love of your life!

    2. C-date

    Contrary to the previous one, C-date is a site dedicated to casual dating, that is, to put it in the Spanish style for casual encounters. The age range is as wide as possible: from 18 years old.

    In other words, C-date is designed for all those who are looking for a night of passion, to escape from everyday boredom and to live the emotions of the moment. Here are some very important facts about this dating site:

    • 52% of C-date users are women
    • Discretion, anonymity and security are guaranteed
    • The site helps users live out their passionate fantasies

    To get into the mood of this dating site, and to better understand what pleasant surprises await you if you decide to subscribe to the platform, I invite you to take this nice test.

    3. Academic Singles

    Academic Singles (here the official page) is another interesting dating site, dedicated to highly educated people with ample financial resources, who are looking for a partner of equal success and social level.

    By subscribing to the platform you will have to fill in a fairly detailed questionnaire, which will allow you to associate your profile with potential partners with whom to start a long-term relationship. Click here to do it.

    Here are some highlights on the platform:

    • Personality test free for scientific purposes
    • Instant matches
    • Guaranteed success for those who have the premium profile
    • Protected personal data

    I don't need to think too much about it when I tell you that Academic Singles is the best dating site out there for successful people who are looking for a partner of their same level. Sign up by clicking on the button!

    4. Tinder

    In our ranking of the best dating sites, Tinder could not be missing, one of the most used application in the world, which when it entered the market in 2012 totally revolutionized it.

    Tinder is a dating app that has developed a system for interacting with a large number of profiles in a short time. In fact, that's enough for you slide your finger to the right or left to decide if a person you like or not. When compatibility occurs, you can start chatting with the other person.

    Most Tinder users are very young, between the ages of 18 and 30. The basic app is free, but to have a better chance of success you need to upgrade to one of the premium versions: Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

    It is certainly a widely used app, but it is less effective than others in Spain. Furthermore, the free version of the app offers somewhat limited functions.

    5. Badoo

    Badoo is one of the first online dating sites ever made. Founded even in 2006, today it can count on a number of members who exceeds 380 million.

    After a period of decline, it has been able to completely renew itself with a new graphic, one new app and lots of very interesting features, such as:

    • search for users in other parts of the world
    • videochat
    • swipe function (Tinder type)
    • sending selfies for identity verification

    Although it is a free service, there are numerous paid features that will allow you to appear in first pages of the research or send private messages practically unlimited. Search filters allow you to find people who, by age or geographic proximity, perfectly match your interests.

    6. Easy Flirt

    Easy Flirt is a dating site without too many embroidery and redundancies: you will see geo-localized ads of potential partners. It relies on a classic and now tested matching system through which you can chat quickly and easily.

    The target is aged 18 and over and of course it also works in Spain. One of the characteristics that distinguishes it is the ability to carry out multi-criteria searches: geographic proximity, age, weight, eye color and many more.

    In this way you can only select the target you like and not wait hours or even worse days waiting for the match that suits you. You can register by clicking here.

    7. Contact Senior

    Contact Senior is by far the best dating site for OVER 50.

    It has tens of thousands of active members in Spain and helps them get to know each other, make new friends or fall in love again once.

    By visiting the official website you will immediately find the announcements of several singles in your area, to which you can respond by putting yourself in direct contact with them.

    If you are over 50, Contact Senior is the solution I absolutely recommend 😉

    8. Lovoo

    Lovoo is widely used by 30-year-olds, especially for the search for occasional relationships, but also more stable ones. It has good usability even without a subscription, therefore without having to pay additional money.

    It has a function dedicated to geolocation, which allows you to check which profiles are present on the app in your vicinity. It is practically the same as the radars that are used by airplanes or ships: the green phosphorescent ones with a "hand" that rotates continuously ... you know?

    It has 13,5 million active users and is a pretty effective service. I recommend it to you 😉

    9. Meetic

    Among all the dating portals, Meetic it is definitely one of the most reliable, serious and with a stronger corporate history. It was in fact founded in 2001. It is also one of the most used in Europe and Spain, as it has a number of members exceeding several million.

    During registration you are asked for your sexual preference, date of birth, city of interest and the username you want to use. Once registered, you will have access to an interview to find out more about your needs and get in touch with potential partners.

    Another brilliant initiative of Meetic is access to his community offline, which consists of live events for singles, seminars, parties and meetings, which are intended to help you socialize and improve your approach with the other sex.

    10. Bumble

    Bumble was created by one of the founders of Tinder in 2014 and is now on everyone's lips in the United States.

    Works with a geolocation system, scrolling search and matching very similar to that used by Tinder. However, it has a distinctive feature: the reins of the game are left in the hands of women, who are the only ones who can initiate conversations.

    Bumble is at the center of numerous controversies for active litigation with Tinder, but one thing is sure: it is considered a perfect dating app for women and its number of users has soared in no time.

    11. Once

    Once, dating app founded in 2015 is defined theanti-Tinder for its revolutionary logic of "slow dating".

    If you sign up you will have the opportunity to view only one profile per day, selected for you not by the application algorithm, but by the so-called matchmakers, people who can understand if the other profile may or may not be suitable for you.

    It is an initiative that I personally appreciate very much. Other sites and apps aim for quantity, providing you with tens or hundreds of matches and messages every day. No service previously aimed to quality and careful selection and customization of profiles.

    Do dating sites work?

    With the spread of the internet and new technologies, which allow us to remain constantly connected and reachable, it is natural that over the years sites have been developed that offer online dating services.

    Their goal is to facilitate a match between people who do not know each other and, based on evaluation parameters such as physical appearance or interests, make sure that they can meet in reality. The most obvious advantages that dating sites offer are:

    • Save time: we all have a hectic and super busy life and there may be times when we don't have the time or desire to go out and dedicate ourselves to meeting new people. These portals are the perfect solution to create the conditions to meet people quickly, without having to dedicate extra time to this activity.
    • Meet like-minded people: you know, in love things are more likely to work out if you are similar. Many of these sites give you the possibility to select the people with whom to contact based on interests, with the consequence of increasing the probability of meeting someone more compatible with you, with the desirable consequence that you start dating constantly and something important is born.
    • Experience one night stand adventures: what you are looking for is not always a serious or lasting relationship. It is possible that all you want is sex, an adventure, the so-called hit and go. There's nothing wrong with looking for this type of relationship - both men and women have periods of looking for something undemanding. In these cases, physical appearance matters a lot and dating sites easily allow you to choose the other person based on this selection criterion.
    • Overcoming the obstacle of shyness: if you are a shy or introverted person, it is quite difficult for you to approach new people in clubs, at the nightclub or on the beach. The discomfort that is created in this type of situation can be easily avoided and starting to converse with a new person, before meeting them live, will avoid you fooling yourself or embarrassing situations;

    The search algorithms and filters of dating sites are so advanced and refined that the chances of starting chatting with someone and making an appointment with a potential partner will be incredibly high. How is it possible?

    A few years ago there were only dating chats or very crude and generic portals, which had a big disadvantage: they carried out totally random matches. It happened then that after one, two, three times that we came across strange or unreliable characters, we decided to cancel the account and put a stone on it.

    Today it is no longer like this ..

    Dating sites have become companies that bill tens of millions of euros and, within which, they work hundreds of IT professionals, whose only goal is to make sure you can meet exactly the person you want.

    The data you enter when registering and filling out your profile are used by software and algorithms to make it easier for you to meet people who have the your own needs and of your own goals.

    In this way, over time, it has been possible to improve the quality of the service and make sure that users find exactly what they want, when they sign up for one of these sites 😉

    Free dating sites

    Many users looking for love on the internet pay attention at first to whether the portal used is paid or not. Of course, we all would rather not pay, but it is difficult to find gods completely free dating sites and at the same time efficient.

    Tinder and Badoo for example, which may appear to be free dating sites, actually require premium memberships to access most of the features on offer.

    Recently Facebook has also launched its “Dating” function, which is free. The app focuses on the possibility of find stable relationships, even of friendship, and not casual relationships. Our friends will not know that we are using Facebook Dating, but we must still be aware that all our activity will be connected to our Facebook profile. There is no possibility of anonymous use of this dating portal, and contact suggestions will be based on our Facebook activity.

    In general, if you do not have particular expectations, or you have time to waste, you could evaluate the possibility of relying on a free dating site, or take advantage of the free version of Tinder and Badoo. However, if you care about your time or do not accept compromises, I recommend that you rely on one or more paid dating sites.

    The advantages of the most used dating sites that I have presented to you in the ranking of this article is that, although it is usually necessary to subscribe, theRegistration is completely free. This allows you to check if the offer and the structure of the chosen site meet your needs before putting your hand to your wallet.

    Also know that by registering on a paid dating site, you are actually paying for a service in your favor, which mainly consists of helping you get the desired results, in addition to the guarantee of discretion and security.

    Dating sites: security and privacy

    Many people wonder if their privacy will be respected by using dating sites. Furthermore, another fear shared by several users is that of coming across fake, potentially dangerous or malicious profiles.

    Both concerns are completely lawful, since it is very easy to come across scams, scams or privacy violations on the internet. However, these risks will be practically eliminated by relying on a paid dating site among those I recommended to you in the article.

    In general, I recommend that you use common sense, as you can always come across fake profiles, especially if you sign up for a free dating app. For example ... if you meet profiles with a photo like this:

    Do you think these are real or fake profiles?

    I think the answer is rather obvious: we are faced with a clearly false profile, behind which people with objectives that are not always noble can hide.

    How, then, to avoid encountering this type of situation?

    Use a little common sense! It does not take a genius to understand that photos like the one above are unlikely, not very credible and decidedly artificial.

    Another clue, if this was not enough, useful to understand if we have come across a fake profile is the request for personal information linked to topics that are inconsistent with those that are suitable for a meeting site.

    If the interlocutor starts asking you the details of your home, your financial instruments or makes strange offers or requests for money, avoid providing this data and report the profile that you believe is false.

    Remember that dating sites have a vested interest delete fake profiles or those who make "strange requests" to other users, since, in order for this type of portals to work, users' attitudes must be aimed at achieving strictly "sentimental" objectives.

    Generally, these are situations that rarely happen, but it is always useful to keep your eyes peeled and report inappropriate behavior.

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