Moringa Oleifera and elimination of heavy metals

Moringa Oleifera and elimination of heavy metals

To date, an exhaustive definition of heavy metals not available as, several times, a common thread has been sought that could lead to a socially accepted definition but without reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

With certainty it can be said that all heavy metals have precise characteristics:

> density equal to or greater than 5,0 g / cm3
> attitude towards the formation of complexes
> high affinity with sulphides
> low solubility of their hydrates
> behavior comparable to that of cations


Heavy metals are absolutely natural components of the earth's crust of the planet that hosts us but are not degraded by biological and photochemical activity and remain non-disposable. By virtue of this, it could take centuries to be completely eliminated from the environment.
Help comes from nature which, through volcanic eruptions, fires and tides, initiates one natural cyclization of metals but, an even more important role is attributed to man who, too often, abuses nature by altering the rate of release and transport of heavy metals and dramatically increasing emissions. 

Some heavy metals enter our body through water, the air e the food but, in small traces, some of these elements (copper, selenium and zinc) are naturally part of us.

How do I understand to what extent heavy metals are present in my body?

A specific examination of the hair (mineralogram) allows us to determine the accumulation in the tissues of minerals, in some cases useful and in others toxic. The hair, during growth, retains the minerals absorbed by the body acting as a reliable indicator of the identification of the concentration of heavy metals present in the tissues.

What damage can heavy metals cause?

The damage caused by heavy metals is many and varied. Aluminum causes damage to the central nervous system resulting in dementia and memory loss. Arsenic can cause lymphatic, liver and skin cancer. Cadmium leads to diarrhea, stomach cramps, broken bones and psychological disorders. Manganese contributes to blood clotting, generates glucose intolerance and leads to disorders of the skeleton. Nickel can cause pulmonary embolism, cause breathing difficulties and allergic skin reactions. Silver (E174) leads to migraines, breathing difficulties, allergies and, in high concentrations, coma and death. The list is very long and serves to make us understand how exposure to heavy metals is continuous and daily to the point of causing pathologies, compromises and death.

Mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum are the 4 elements most responsible for environmental damage and their toxicity is high for humans, and for living species, because they bind with the cellular structures in which they are deposited, hindering the performance of functions vital, resulting in difficult elimination.

We are better acquainted with the four main heavy metals from which it is good to protect oneself


MERCURY: it is assimilated by vegetables and plankton entering the links of the food chain and passes to humans through the consumption of fish and vegetables in the diet. The stored mercury that cannot be eliminated could lead to episodes of insomnia, anxiety, memory loss and, in extreme cases, to arrive at paralyzing effects and death.

CADMIUM: it is assimilated due to the use of fertilizers and industrial incinerators, due to cigarette smoke and by the battery and semiconductor industries. It is responsible for some forms of cancer, hypertension and reproductive system disorders up to gastrointestinal problems and forms of arteriosclerosis. 

LEAD: propane into the environment due to industrial discharges and the combustion of fuels. The trigger mechanism leads it to replace calcium in the bones and inhibit the production of numerous enzymes. The accumulation of lead in the body leads to brain disorders and forms of depression of varying severity.

ALUMINUM: it spreads in the environment thanks to the massive use made of it for the production of household tools suitable for food preparation (pots, ladles, cans, etc.). It is deposited more in the brain causing neurological disorders which, in severe cases, degenerate into Alzheimer's disease. 

Furthermore, all toxic heavy metals are able to penetrate the placenta and cause severe birth defects or unexpected miscarriages.

How our body reacts

The organism has an endogenous detoxifying system which, due to the very high environmental pollution, does not always manage to lower the toxicity of heavy metals which remain trapped in the various tissues. The type and severity of the damage caused depends on the type of metal and the site of accumulation. It has been widely demonstrated that some diseases have a close link with heavy metal pollution: atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's and cancer. Finally, the heavy metals accumulated in the body lead to an increase in free radicals which, in large quantities, leads to strong oxidative stress.

The strong power of Moringa oleifera in the elimination of heavy metals

La Moringa oleifera it presents itself as an excellent solution to the overload of heavy metals inside our organism thanks to numerous antagonistic properties.

OMEGA-3: Moringa is rich in vegetable Omega3 which, not having fish origin, perform their task as heavy metal antagonists without running the risk of obtaining the opposite effect by taking Omega-3 derived from fish, often loaded with heavy metals. Omega-3s, in fact, are the most important element to keep all brain functions efficient. 

VITAMIC C: Moringa oleifera is very rich in Vitamin C which has the power to capture and eliminate the heavy metals deposited inside our body by implementing a real detoxifying process.

ANTIOXIDANTS: Moringa oleifera is one of the most powerful antioxidants present in nature with an ORAC index of 157.000. The presence of antioxidants allows the elimination of free radicals that increase with the increase of heavy metals to generate oxidative stress.

A few more tips

DO PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: the movement allows you to eliminate the waste deposited by cleaning the body thanks to the stimulation of the lymphatic system. Sweating and breathing that help eliminate heavy metals does not necessarily have to be exercised with intense physical activities but also simply with a 50-minute walk.

PUT YOUR SHOES OUT: we bring large quantities of heavy metals into the house with our shoes. It is good practice to keep them outside to avoid this contamination.

ESCAPE THE CITY: if you love greenery and you have the opportunity to live outside the city hinterland or simply to spend the weekend in the countryside, do not wait and immediately adopt this good habit. Breathing good air with little pollution allows the elimination of heavy metals and gives your body a little rest.

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