More immunity with baobab powder

Baobab dust ahead of winter 

Very rich in fiber, mineral salts, vitamin C baobab powder it is a powerful immunostimulant and immunoprotector. This food is capable of potential antibody function and avoids respiratory viruses, intestinal problems, fever and other typically winter ailments such as colds. A real natural tonic.

Baobab extract is available in capsules or sachets. Ask your trusted herbalist or pharmacist, they will know how to orient you for effective use. 

This excerpt is a kind of "natural vaccine", as a periodic treatment based on this powder can act as a total reinforcer of the immune system. Obviously, the treatment should be repeated at each change of season. The powder found in herbalist's shops or pharmacies is the naturally dehydrated one of the fruit that comes from the large African tree.

Just to give an example, this fruit has about 6 times the amount of vitamin C contained in an orange. Rich in magnesium, potassium and fibers, which cleanse the intestine and free it from waste. It is usually taken in the morning by diluting it in a glass of water.   


Baobab, the natural supplement for the intestine


The baobab tree seen up close

Evergreen, luxuriant tree, full of vitalizing color, it represents abundance, richness in terms of fruit. Tropical African tree is known for its nutritional and pharmacological properties. Its trunk can store up to 120.000 liters of water.  

In Sierra Leone it is considered the ally of virility, for its useful qualities in case of erectile dysfunctions; in Zambia it is considered a prodigious remedy for skin ailments and it is widely used for the delicate skin of children; in many other areas of Africa this remedy is used to lower the fever. The boab (the Australian species Adansonia gregorii) was used by Aboriginal Australians as a source of water and food, while the leaves were used for medical purposes. The fruits were carved and painted, and then used as ornaments. A historical curiosity linked to the Australian species? A very large, empty boab south of Derby, Western Australia, was used in the XNUMXs as a safety room for Aboriginal prisoners headed to Derby for their sentence. The tree is still a popular tourist destination today.

Everything that is part of this miraculous plant is usable: the leaves, once dried, they can be eaten fresh or grated. THE semi they are used to make baobab oil and obviously the fruit it is eaten fresh or dry.  

Powerful tonic, it is a bomba anti-fatigue, anti-stress; thanks to the high presence of soluble (22,54%) and insoluble (22,04%) fibers it is able to significantly lower "bad" cholesterol. Useful in slimming diets, it reduces the sense of hunger. It stimulates the metabolism, turns off inflammations. 

An ancient Senegalese proverb that speaks clearly and that we like to remember, as our job is precisely that of conscious sharing of information: “Knowledge is a trunk of Baobab. One person cannot hug him ”. 


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