MMA Training and Supplements | How to prepare for the match

MMA Workout

In this article we will talk about thetraining that an MMA (mixed martial arts) athlete should expect to undergo for the period of preparation for the match. However, not being able to go into the specifics of the weightlifting and technique exercises of each wrestler, since the respective coaches will dictate the types and rhythms of training, I will try to give some general guidelines and a few tips that a fighter should always keep in mind. The final part will then be dedicated to integration, which as you will soon understand is essential to be able to sustain the training rhythms imposed by this strenuous but beautiful sport.

Types and Differences

Every sportsman must change his training according to his needs and the ultimate goal he wants to achieve. Since the purposes of MMA are multiple, a wrestler is the greatest example of the variability of the types of training.

In fact, he will have to undergo many sessions of technical training, that is the training that is carried out with the martial arts master, who will teach the techniques, how to "pull them" and above all how to defend oneself, also and especially with sparring, that is the training fights. But he must never lose physical and muscular prowess, and that is why he will also have to undergo strengthening sessions in the gym, with particular attention to exercises for the force fundamental requirement to overwhelm the opponent.

MMA Training and Supplements | How to prepare for the match

Unfortunately for the wrestlers, however, it is not over, in fact in addition to these two types listed above, there is to be taken into consideration the appearance of the "breath" and flexibility. As for the first I'm obviously talking about aerobic endurance, which is why running and aerobics exercises should never be missing.

For the second, that is flexibility, becomes fundamental for the technique, in fact a more flexible body will be able to perform cleaner techniques and with more scope for action. Having said that, the fighter must therefore put his soul in peace and think only of working hard, also because, as you can see, there is very little time to do anything else.

The Organization of Training

Having now understood that there are many things to do, it is also necessary to understand how and when to do them, for this reason perfect organization of training becomes essential. As for the execution part, that is the how, I do not think that an article can be precise and exhaustive, so I recommend that you rely on experts in the sector who will be able to follow you in the correct athletic gesture, avoiding injuries or future problems.

But as for the organizational part, we can see some guidelines, which will clearly change according to the different commitments that each person has. The key part is clearly setting the date of the meeting, in fact it will be that fateful day that will most influence your training.

MMA Training and Supplements | How to prepare for the match

Once the date has been communicated, we have enough time to be able to prepare and that it is generally divided into 3 parts.

The first is left for train your muscle tissue with greater emphasis, in fact, this will be the part of the time that we will spend the most in the gym to do the strength.

For the second, usually we work on the speed and on the aerobic part with cardiovascular exercises, to transform the accumulated mass into pure strength.

In the third, great emphasis must be placed on the technical and sparring part, although as you clearly know, this part must never be missing. Even if with less importance than this last part, even in the previous ones it must still be the key type of training.

Mobility, before we mentioned it and now it has remained outside our division, but clearly it is not, in fact flexibility care must always be done, if possible even every day, also because, in addition to the benefits in the struggle, it reserves other general and very important benefits.

Typical Week

To understand more or less what a wrestler's week could be like, it will be indicated in the following lines an example of the breakdown of workouts over the 7 days. Clearly this is not definitive, specific or perfect, in MMA as you will have understood the workouts and their subdivision are very personal and each one, following his own body, draws it up as he sees fit, trying to obtain the maximum physical and technical benefits.


The week can vary, and even enormously, but common guidelines are generally used, which are, for example, keeping strength training days apart, sparring as much as possible and keeping fresh for technical training by having to have maximum concentration to learn movements and concepts.

MMA Supplements

Since it is clear, after having seen the large amount of training to be sustained, such as to make this sport hard and exhausting, to be able to perform at their best during training, but especially during meetings, a correct and balanced integration is necessary. We will therefore also find out which are some of the best food supplements to combine with a correct and specific one supply to be at the TOP in the moments that matter.

Recall To Diet

As mentioned, it is clear that to get the maximum benefits from supplements, they must be properly matched to the diet, which as regards a fighter must be balanced and with a good protein intake, necessary to protect and build the muscle mass that is continuously stressed and used in its entirety. It is therefore necessary to start from a good food base that does not lack any of the macronutrients and then integrate it properly with the various supplements available, be they protein, vitamin or energy.

Protein Supplements

MMA Training and Supplements | How to prepare for the matchBeing a sport where muscles count, and a lot, protein supplements will play a fundamental role and should never be missing, avoiding that this precious (muscle) tissue deteriorates and indeed, can continuously improve in its volume and explosiveness.

Always bearing in mind that without a specific goal, i.e. to increase or decrease muscle mass, for example, the right amount of protein should be around 2 grams per kg of body weight. It is not always possible to do this only with the foods we buy at the supermarket, there are in fact cases in which it is difficult to reach an adequate quota, or in any case if we reach it, we do not always do it with foods that are easy to digest and assimilate. This is why in a sport like MMA I believe that protein supplements are fundamental.

Among the many available, according to many fighters and trainers, the best for this sport are the following. (The following lists will be indicative only and will recall only the certain products, as regards the specific effects, I invite you to do so on the product presentation page, being highly specific and containing all the possible and necessary information.)

Whey protein. In all their variations, they form the basis for integrating a fighter's diet and should never be lacking.

Egg protein. Perfect for those who have difficulty digesting lactose, therefore ideal substitutes for whey proteins and products containing it or derivatives.

Non-dairy proteins. Which together with those mentioned above, do not contain lactose, then include some proteins perfect for vegans such as those of soy or pea.

Carbohydrate Supplements

These are instead essential for those who have to undergo an intense workout and have not had the opportunity to introduce a good dose of carbohydrates, or that in any case eating any food rich in them, they have not had time to digest it. This is why these supplements come to our aid, which are real energy ready for use.

They are usually taken pre-workout, so as to have the necessary push to give the maximum and reach the limit that a mixed martial arts training requires. However, they are fundamental, and I repeat, really fundamental, after the wrestler has performed the pre-race weight, or the measurement that is carried out before a match to divide the various athletes into weight classes.

I'm not talking about the professional athletes, they in fact, used to make the famous “CUTTING OFMMA Training and Supplements | How to prepare for the match WEIGHT ", or lose kilos before the official measurement, they always have about a day and a half before the match, so all the time it takes to replenish itself, but as for the amateurs, after measuring the weight, there is only about 2 hours before entering the ring. This is why the intake of an energetic, complete, but above all easy-to-digest meal is essential, which we can find in the various supplements, drinks and snacks.

Instant oats: Ideal energetic and natural source of complex carbohydrates perfect for protracted efforts and to avoid energy drops.

Destrosio: Simple carbohydrates of very rapid intake and digestion. In addition to this there are many other types such as the maltose, the choice will be quite personal.

Energy drinks and snacks: Practical, convenient but above all useful when time is short and the place not suitable for preparing more complicated foods.


MMA Training and Supplements | How to prepare for the matchCreatine plays a fundamental role in post-workout recovery and in stimulating the building of lean muscle mass. This supplement enhances the increase in muscle mass and stimulates stamina during exercise.

Creatine is therefore a powerful and important supplement that will help increase strength, power and endurance while certainly helping to transform your workouts for the better. But it can also give weight gain due to the corresponding increase in lean mass, for this reason it is necessary also in this case to keep in mind the goal regarding body weight that you want to achieve.

Beta Alanina

La beta alanine is a pivotal ingredient that all fighters should consider, especially in recovery, especially after a fight in the ring. In fact, this supplement enhances the increase in muscle mass and stimulates stamina and rebuilding, by increasing carnosine levels in the muscles.


We have seen through this article what are the workouts and the enormous amount of work an MMA practitioner has to go through to get ready in the ring and try to overwhelm the opponent. Clearly, through an article it is not possible to explain exercises or advertise some to the detriment of others, since in a sport like this there are capable and prepared coaches who will know the precise moves to make to their fighter in order to be ready on the day of the challenge.

However, we wanted to give some guidelines that can be useful especially for newbies to this discipline and understand its fundamental concepts. To make the article as complete as possible, a part was dedicated to supplements, which combined with a correct diet and rest, will allow to resist the infernal rhythms required by mixed martial arts.

Good workout!


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