Mindfulness and sex: how to combine them?

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Mindfulness and sex: how to combine them?

Last update: 15 September, 2022

Mindful breathing and meditation exercises can improve the quality of sexual intercourse. The union of mindfulness and sex results in more intense pleasure, in longer erections and orgasms.

Mindfulness is the practice of awareness and concentration on the here and now. It is a type of mindful meditation aimed at increasing emotional and psychological well-being. If we apply this age-old technique to the sexual sphere, significant benefits can be obtained. Do you want to know how to exploit the full potential of this combination?

The problem: the wandering mind

If you've ever felt distracted or focused on other issues while having sex with your partner, this article may help. We often fail to put our problems aside, even during moments of intimacy. Thoughts seem to direct themselves to other situations or concerns.

A discussion with a work colleague, a commitment, the child's bad grades, the dinner menu with the in-laws… everything can come to mind at the least opportune moment. So we stop making love, simply because we lose the "connection".

How to experience sex more consciously

The masters of the so-called "sexual mindfulness" are convinced that there is an increasing tendency to trivialize sexuality. The intimate act is often limited to mere masturbation with the other's body. A sterile and superficial gesture. With the practice of mindfulness, however, this infantile attitude disappears.

Through mindfulness, the problem of devolution during sex vanishes. It allows you to stay focused solely on the present moment, on that magical moment shared with your partner. In this way it is possible to fully enjoy it and experience more pleasant sensations.

Focusing on the “here and now” allows us to start feeling the intensity of the first caresses again. We are energy and the best sex happens when two people connect.

How to combine mindfulness and sex

To clarify any doubts, Here are some ways to enrich your sex life with mindfulness and sex. Gestures and attitudes to be experimented immediately with the partner to exploit all the benefits.

The conscious kiss

The next time you kiss your partner try to focus solely on that kiss. Close your eyes. Feel the softness of her lips, the heat, the humidity, the noise they make. Try to convey the feeling of being one, to share an exclusive moment for you. Make the kiss an expression of the desire, love and passion you feel for each other.

Breathe deeply

During stimulation and the different phases of arousal, breathing plays a crucial role. Not only because it allows you to maintain the necessary rhythm for intercourse itself, but also because it shows our degree of arousal. 

The changes that occur in the partner's body yield valuable information. Observing the variations in the breathing of both, during the course of intercourse, helps to interpenetrate better with the other. You will understand what turns him on and when he is about to reach pleasure.

Take advantage of the 5 senses

We often worry little about fully enjoying the little moments of intimacy because we want to reach orgasm at all costs. This leads the man to delay ejaculation or to worry about prolonging the erection.

Sexual mindfulness pushes us to appreciate every caress, every touch. Try to concentrate minutely on every detail of your partner: the small mole on the shoulder, the softness of the hands, the good smell of the hair, the sounds he makes. The here and now in the purest essence of him.

Keeping your senses alert at the highest level is not easy. But if you succeed, in addition to synchronizing with the present, you can feel how much your emotions and sensations are amplified.

Longer orgasms

Gradually the union mindfulness and sex will increase the speed of arousal and extend the duration of orgasm. Some experts even speak of 1! One possible explanation may be the increased stimulation of the insula, a brain structure closely related to love and sexual desire.

Sex is a complex and delicate subject. Its subjectivity and sometimes still being considered a taboo subject prevents us from talking about it naturally. The sexual sphere of a relationship, however, must not be forgotten, regardless of the importance one wants to attribute to it.

The quality of intimate relationships allows you to test the status of a relationship. A couple who no longer have a desire for intimacy usually hides a deeper problem. Sex, therefore, can be the indicator of an underlying situation.

Mindfulness and sex are the perfect tandem for a fulfilling relationship. Enjoying every moment with your partner is essential for reaching milestones in a common life project.

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