Mind maps: a form to enhance creativity

Le mind maps are a technique created by Tony Buzan, researcher
of the Brain Fundation which has always been involved in intelligence.

The importance of mind maps
(and the great circulation they have achieved in recent years) is due to the fact
which are the expression of radiant thought. In this way we consider that
the mind map is a graphic technique that allows you to access the potential
of the brain. Buzan states that every little one
part of the information that reaches our brain (it is a
sensation, memory or thought) can be represented as one
central sphere from which innumerable information connections radiate,
through links that represent a specific association, and each one
of these with its own network of bonds and connections. As you can see, yes
starts from the assumption that the human brain is a “gigantic machine that
produces branched associations. ” So, the more data you can gather in
an integrated, radiant and organized way, the easier the process will be
learning and creativity. Mind maps can be
used in various ways. For example, you can use them for learning
concepts and to analyze the relationships between them. As part of the
creativity, their main application focuses particularly on exploration
of the problem and in the generation of ideas. Mind maps are very useful
in the exploration of problems, since they allow to obtain different
perspectives relating to the same. How is a mind map made? Although the name may sound like a
bit hard, you have to know that making a mind map is not difficult, enough
follow these steps: 1. You take a sheet of paper
making sure it is large enough to hold the map we intend to make. 2. The central problem comes
summarized with a word or drawing in the center of the sheet. To this
By the way it must be said that one or two words should be used to concentrate
really the essence of the problem since the more precise the definition of the
problem is easier it will be to find the solution. 3. The main arguments
related to the problem radiate from the central image in a branched manner. 4. From these arguments they start
images or keywords that we draw over open lines, without thinking, in
automatic but very clear way. 5. Branches form one
nodal structure. Mind maps can later
be enhanced with colors, images, codes and dimensions that are not only the
they give more beauty but also make them easier to remember. When working with maps
mental we can relax and let ideas arise spontaneously in
so that we will get to enter a real creative flow.
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