Menopause affects mood, here's how

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Menopause affects mood, here's how

How does menopause affect mood? Is it true that his arrival is associated with some degree of short temper? Find out in this article.

Last update: October 08, 2020

When a woman goes through menopause, she stops having her period because the ovaries no longer produce estrogen and progesterone. This usually occurs between the ages of 45-50 and manifests itself with various symptoms, some of which relate to the emotional sphere. How, then, does menopause affect mood?

According to the data released by various associations that deal with the study of menopause, up to 75% of women develop various symptoms during menopause.

Once this stage of life is reached, many women begin to perceive changes that affect both their body and their mood, and which manifest themselves with symptoms of different nature. This is a crucial period, which marks the beginning of a new reality.

Menopause and mood: what correlation exists?

Menopause has an impact not only physically, but also emotionally. In fact, it causes several symptoms that affect the mood, and between these mood swings and short temper.

Changes also occur on a sexual level, which in turn can affect the mood. In this space we will discover the changes that directly affect the state of mind and others that can affect a woman's well-being.

Mood swings

According to the National Institute on Aging, mood swings are among the possible effects of menopause on mood. They can be abrupt and sudden or more gradual, but in any case they occur when menopause is upon us or when the woman is in the midst of this phase of life.

With the arrival of mood swings, a sudden transition from crying to happiness can be observed; it can happen that you get angry without knowing why, feel sadder than usual for no apparent reason, etc. It is good to keep in mind that by resisting, the symptoms could worsen.

In this regard, it may be useful to accept the new reality as an opportunity to get to know each other better. It is advisable to face all the stages of life naturally and with awareness, aware of the fact that there will always be opportunities to be seized.

Menopause affects mood by making you irritable

Also according to the National Institute on Aging, another symptom of menopause on an emotional level is short temper. We refer a tendency to get annoyed or angry about anything. We could compare it to susceptibility, a concept that alludes to a greater sensitivity to any external factor (such as a comment, a gesture…).

Emotional instability

With the arrival of the hormonal imbalances typical of menopause, which add up at the end of the reproductive age, even a slight emotional instability can occur, according to what scholars have stated.

This instability is more or less intense depending on environmental factors that concern the person and the approach adopted. Seeing children leave home (empty nest syndrome), for example, can accentuate this symptom.

How does menopause affect mood?

We've analyzed the most important emotional changes during menopause, but are there others that can affect mood in some way? Yup! Let's see some.

Difficulty concentrating

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) argue that another typical symptom of menopause is difficulty concentrating. Although this symptom is cognitive and not emotional in nature, it certainly negatively affects the mood.

Not being able to concentrate can arouse emotions such as anger, sadness, or confusion. Obviously this does not happen equally to all women.

Changes in the sexual sphere, another way menopause affects mood

Libido, or sexual desire, can drop as menopause approaches. Scientific data indicate a 50% drop in androgen hormones, which interferes with the psychological well-being of the woman and with her relationship as a couple if this experience is lived in a negative way. Symptoms such as depression or anxiety can arise, although this is very subjective.

According to the NIH, vaginal dryness can occur (which will affect the sexual sphere and, therefore, the mood). Fortunately, however, there are several products to combat this symptom, such as gel products or lubricants.

If you want to deepen the subject, take a look at the website of the Spanish Menopause Association (SIM) to find interesting information about it. Finally, through the SIM you will be able to access various documents, interesting news and data reported by the latest research on menopause.

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