Meditation exercises: 6 simple techniques

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Meditation exercises: 6 simple techniques

Last update: 24 March, 2022

Stress, just like energy, builds up. The paradox is that when one increases, the other decreases. In addition, both stress and energy can feed from many sources. The first, for example, gives rise to problems in various areas of our existence or simply from a tiring pace of life. We propose some simple ones meditation exercises which can help ease this tension.

Meditation facilitates self-knowledge. It is a millenary technique born in ancient India, very common in Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. In recent years it has also become very popular in the West as the meditation exercises can be of great help in fighting stress.

Among the various benefits of meditation we find a better ability to concentrate, which in turn allows to obtain many other benefits. One of them is a more agile memory. In addition, it allows physical and mental relaxation on a general level. It also makes us stronger in the face of some threats to our health as it strengthens the immune system.

Meditation exercises to combat stress

1. Conscious breathing

The first of the meditation exercises to combat stress is also one of the simplest to introduce into our daily life. Just sit down and adopt a posture relaxed or with half-open eyes.

We need to focus on breathing to feel the air coming in and out. It is easy to get distracted by thoughts, our goal will therefore be to ignore them until they are weakened.

2. Counting backwards

This technique is very simple and is very useful during meditation. With our eyes closed, we count backwards from high numbers, such as 50 or 100, to zero. The goal is to focus on a single thought / activity, in order to eliminate the sensations produced by the other stimuli.

3. Body scan

This is one of the most interesting meditation exercises. We just have to go over the various parts of the body. It is recommended to do this in a low-stimulation location ea focus on every single part of our body, from head to toe.

We can contract and relax the various muscle groups to be aware of their presence and their movement. It is an interesting way to observe ourselves and perceive in detail the sensations of our body.

4. Dynamic observation

We adopt a comfortable position, preferably seated and with our eyes closed. Afterwards, we open them for a moment and close them again. In the end, we must reflect on what we have seen.

This observation exercise helps us to analyze the different sensations produced by visual stimuli. We can enumerate them, think of the shape, color or name of each object.

5. Meditation in motion

Another simple meditation exercise is based on the pleasant sensations our body produces when it moves. It is recommended to do this exercise in the middle of nature.

In this sense we can walk on the beach or in a forest. Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face, the caresses of the breeze, the sound of plants moving and the sensation of water on your hands. In addition, it can be a form of self-analysis, thinking about the movement of our body as we move.

6. Meditation with fire

We can use fire as a symbolic element of purification to guide our meditation. Because of this we can focus on a campfire in a field or something simpler like the movement of a candle flame. This will allow us to perceive the sensation of the heat of the fire and the shadows, which are cast on the objects.

We can also make a list of the negative things of the day and then throw it in the fire. This act, full of meaning, which we can perform symbolically or effectively, will help us get rid of fears.

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