Meaningful relationships: Friendships made of shared laughter and pain

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Meaningful relationships: Friendships made of shared laughter and pain

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Last update: December 14, 2022

Meaningful relationships are measured on the basis of the depth of the bond, of the shared sensitivity, of the presence in bad and good times. They are magnificent relationships that are not measured by the years spent together, but by the quality of the experiences.

Meaningful relationships make them memorable, vivid and intense, they don't need a whole day to decipher a look and they understand the moments of absence correctly, without double reading or bad intentions.

There is nothing more wonderful than the warmth transmitted by a look that knows us

You will agree with me. There is nothing more wonderful than the warmth transmitted by a look that knows us. Those looks that teleport you home, to a rainy night under a blanket or to a conversation forged in the warmth of intimacy.

We cannot face life or appreciate the world better with anyone. We do it with friendships made of moments and shared laughter, characterized by freshly brewed coffees, by hours that pass by the magical art of the hands of our watch.

Those people who made us take root, who show us what we sow. Because the best emotions experienced by human beings lead us to stay, to settle in a place for a very specific reason.

Meaningful relationships: sincere affection never ends, it is neither negotiable nor conditional

In the course of life, the majority of adults understand that there are friendships that end, selfish affections that do not allow them to grow, liquid relationships with no viable foundation that are based on interests momentary and fleeting.

Anyone who has experienced something like this will know that true friendships can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The disappointments must help us understand that the best thing in case of momentary interest is to avoid immersing ourselves in the relationship with too much intensity.

For all this, this indescribable affection is much more than the sum of the parts.  It is the confluence of what we have learned, of the spoken words and the unfiltered sincerity that characterizes a person. It is precisely this that allows a person to improve.

Because if we were to extract the personal indicator of a meaningful relationship, the best proof would be this: a happier person with fewer fears. A person who walks so confidently that he leaves footprints as he passes by.

We do not need those who act as if they do not need us or as if we do not have them in our turn. Knowing that the other will support us or being able to help a person we love is one of the best feelings that exist. Furthermore, this factor is a fundamental pillar for weaving an unshakable union.

Knowing that someone does not falter when it comes to staying by our side despite everything, is equivalent to knowing that they love us even if we have made mistakes. This gives us stability, it helps us to understand that mistakes are part of our condition and that it is not worth being trapped inside.

Le meaningful relationships keep us steady, they make us understand that life is not as bleak as the ghosts they make us believe. It is those relationships that allow us to collect reasons to be better people and give us the awareness that, when we establish some of them in the course of life, anxieties can be divided in half.

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