May fruit and vegetables

May fruit and vegetables

You hate? The rain falls

its the lonely one


Here we are, summer arrives, the beautiful season, the endless days. In spite of D'Annunzio, let's hope for the sun! And among the friars 'beard, peas and broad beans, strawberries also arrive to give a touch of color among the gardeners' banquets.

This year, the rainy May has actually brought with it a delay in the country, which for some regions reaches up to twenty days, in the production of fruit and vegetables.

In particular, the production of horticultural plants has suffered not only the damage of the rain, but also of the low temperatures, which made it difficult to sow.

For tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, courgettes, but also for asparagus it is a season to forget, as well as for beetroot and corn.


What to put in the basket

The Saturday market. Stalls full of colorful fruit and vegetables: the warm shades of the sun finally appear. What to put in your bag and under your teeth?

Let's see which foods to choose in May between fruit and seasonal vegetables available in May to better nourish body and soul and continue with a healthy diet.

Here is the glocal vegetable: beets, carrots, friars' beard, asparagus, cabbage, chicory, spring onions, green beans and snow peas, broad beans, fennel, salad, lettuce and baby lettuce.

Then potatoes, peas, tomatoes, radicchio, radishes, rocket, celery, spinach. And still borage, broccoli, ribs, cress, chives, herbs, hops, nettle, parsley, rhubarb, turnip, celery, potatoes and dandelions.

the fruit of May, we orient ourselves between what the winter leaves and the April cart and what comes from the sun. While on the one hand there are still the last oranges, on the other kiwis peep out and strawberries, undisputed queens of the season.

In addition to apples they also arrive pears, cherries, medlars and apricots. From a distance you can see the southern yellow melons.


May XNUMXst menu: ideas and recipes



Fresh peas in flan: the Maggiolina recipe!

Here is a nice recipe, quick and in season: i fresh pea flan, for 4 people:

> 300 grams of peas fresh,
> a pack of ricotta,
> grated parmesan cheese to your liking,
> a couple of tablespoons of fresh cream,
> 2 eggs,
> pepe
> a pinch of salt.

Preparation: boil the peas, keeping a dozen aside, pass them in the blender, add all the ingredients, taking care to put the whipped egg whites at the end.

Instead of cream you can also prepare one vegetable béchamel. Fill small muffin cups, bake in a bain-marie for 20 minutes with the oven at 180 °.

Serve the flans warm, garnished with some fresh peas kept aside, slices of leek sautéed with a drop of balsamic vinegar and sauteed pine nuts.


Here are the vegan recipes of the month of May


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