Maximum concentration: how to achieve it?

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Maximum concentration: how to achieve it?

It is said that Albert Einstein was a clear example of a person capable of achieving maximum concentration. We can all develop the ability to concentrate deeply.

Last update: June 11, 2022

Some people enjoy a particular skill: achieving maximum concentration on a particular aspect in a sustained way. A dowry almost lost by now.

In today's chaotic and stimulating reality, it is difficult not to get lost, not to let the mind wander and become more and more irregular. We could say that great willpower is required.

However, it requires a lot more than effort and commitment. In fact, people who are able to achieve maximum concentration have developed a series of habits, the result of practice and training.

Another aspect should also be kept in mind. Those who are able to control their mental focus enjoy a better quality of life. The mind does not navigate in that drift of negative thoughts until it gets lost in infinity. Attention is our best tool to achieve excellence and well-being.

"Attention, in all its varieties, is a mental value that we all need to develop".

-Daniel Goleman-

An essential strategy to improve one's attention is to avoid multitasking.

Characteristics of people who achieve maximum concentration

In his book Focus Daniel Goleman points out that attention or concentration is a little known and even underestimated mental resource. It is taken for granted, in fact, that each of us comes into the world with good or poor basic skills that will affect, among other variables, academic performance.

We neglect that attention must be formed and developed. Becoming skilled in the mental approach allows you to improve the mental and emotional universe, to achieve better professional and working goals.

However, the school neglects this aspect. Even in the realm of psychology and neuroscience there are considerable disagreements in defining exactly the concept of attention.

The research study of the University College of London recalls that the definition given by William James at the beginning of his studies on attention at the dawn of experimental psychology still applies today. By attention, therefore, we mean the cognitive ability to control mental resources in a flexible way. However, how to best develop it?

It is not easy, but possible. In a world that is increasingly rich in stimuli, it is appropriate to educate our mind so that it can put an inner gaze on what is important to us. Imitating people who can achieve maximum concentration may be an option. So let's find out what characteristics define them.

1. Clear purposes

We know that attention is the ability to use mental resources towards a specific goal in a lasting way. However, in addition to cognitive resources, it also uses emotional ones.

In other words, the person capable of achieving maximum concentration is clear about the goals he wishes to achieve and feels motivated by them.

The goals we set ourselves must be clear, objective and realistic.

2. Establish organized routines and adequate time management to achieve maximum concentration

Habits and routines are effective for organizing time and activities. In this way the brain, body and mind get used to specific habits without resisting. Likewise, it is necessary to foresee moments of rest and leisure.

On the other hand, and not least, to develop good concentration it is a priority to avoid multitasking.

3. Check for sources of external distractions

Today is full of stimuli that steal our attention and drag us into the labyrinth of perennial distraction. Everyone needs to identify the most common distractions.

For example, the cell phone and notifications are the most powerful antagonists of our attention. We do not hesitate to establish strategies to limit the presence and irruption of these stimuli.

4. Achieve maximum concentration by mastering the internal dialogue (internal distraction)

Another obstacle to concentration is negative internal dialogue. That voice that not only deceives us, but questions what we do.

Let's think of that person studying to pass a competition. You have precise routines and are in control of the sources of external distractions. Even so, her inner dialogue leads her by the hand towards a random memory, comment or thought.

He loves to deceive her and even make her suffer. Sometimes he can be very perverse and say things like "Why are you studying if you don't intend to pass?", "Wouldn't it be better to take a walk or a nap?".

People capable of achieving maximum concentration they are adept at mastering their inner dialogue and making it their strong point. They do not hesitate to help each other and offer reinforcements like "Keep it up, it's worth it".

Highly productive people know that self-criticism undermines their ability to maintain focus and safeguard their self-esteem.

5. Rest and connect with your surroundings to be inspired

These people don't work on their goals 24/7. They know that resting, relaxing the body and mind is key to reducing stress and tension, as well as regulating emotions.

However, another defining feature is the ability to connect with everything around them: they are curious, passionate, attentive to what happens.

Every event, every little circumstance, image or word inspires them. They attend life with great interest, hoping to learn things that can help them achieve their goals.

Concentrated people don't compare themselves to anyone. They try to be their only reference to improve themselves and try to be better every day.

They do not need external validation

An "I'm proud of you" or "You're doing great" can be welcomed from time to time. However, these men and women do not need external reinforcement or confirmation to focus on their work. They are their only reference and their compass.

They avoid comparing themselves with others, they are true to their essence and try to improve every day to be their best version as much as possible.


While it is true that we can all apply these strategies, the key is not just to implement them. Rather, engage with yourself and your daily work which will favor the authentic development of a concentrated mind.

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