Mascarpone cream: the original recipe and 10 variations

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La mascarpone cream is a filling cream based on sugar, rum, eggs and the famous milk derivative obtained from high temperature cream to which citric acid is added.

Mascarpone in itself is not only used in desserts but also in savory dishes, for example in pasta or risotto. Mascarpone cream is one of the main ingredients of tiramisu and is used to garnish pandoro and panettone, as well as to fill other types of cakes and desserts. Here you can find the recipe for homemade mascarpone.

Here is the original recipe for prepare the mascarpone cream and its lighter variants.


Mascarpone cream, the original recipe

: Table spoon

The mascarpone cream according to the original recipe it is prepared with mascarpone, sugar, eggs and rum. Mascarpone is very high in fat and for this reason mascarpone cream should only be reserved for special occasions. Here the recipe.


Mascarpone cream: the recipe without rum

To prepare this rum-free mascarpone cream, we recommend using homemade mascarpone and preferably organic eggs. The preparation is not difficult, but it is necessary to manage not to remove the egg whites previously worked with the whisk, as these are the basis of the particular lightness of this filling. Here the complete recipe.

Mascarpone cream without eggs

: Women's stuff

La egg-free mascarpone cream it is prepared by combining the cream and icing sugar with mascarpone and flavoring everything, if desired, with a few drops of liqueur. Here the recipe.

Coffee mascarpone cream

: Beyond the Marche

The mascarpone cream changes taste let's try to enrich it with coffee to serve as a dessert or to fill cakes. You will only need mascarpone, sugar and coffee. Here the recipe.

Mascarpone cream without egg whites

: Sweet Cake your country

To vary the original recipe of the mascarpone cream you can use them only the yolks and not the egg whites. This idea is suitable for those who want to use egg whites for other desserts, for example to make meringues. Here the recipe.

Mascarpone cream with Thermomix

: Thermomix recipes

With the kitchen robot it will be even easier to prepare your mascarpone cream. You will need eggs, sugar and cream to add if you want a few drops of rum or brandy. Here the recipe.

Vegan mascarpone cream

: Daring to do

La vegan mascarpone cream it does not contain any ingredients of animal origin. It is therefore an imitation of the original mascarpone cream but exclusively based on vegetable ingredients. Here the recipe.

Mascarpone and chocolate cream

: Fasten your apron

The mascarpone and chocolate cream is prepared by adding the ingredients of the basic recipe dark chocolate. Here is the recipe to follow.

Self-produced mascarpone and nutella cream

: Pinkblog

To prepare the mascarpone and nutella cream you can use the recipe of our self-produced Nutella instead of buying the packaged cocoa and hazelnut cream. Here is a useful recipe.


Mascarpone cream for tiramisu

: Grandma's recipes

La mascarpone cream to fill the tiramisu according to the recommended recipe, it is prepared with mascarpone, eggs, granulated sugar, a pinch of salt and, if desired, a glass of Marsala. Here is an example.

Lemon mascarpone cream

: Valeria Ciccotti

To prepare the lemon mascarpone cream you need lemon zest and juice, so we advise you to choose untreated lemons to be able to use the peel without problems. Here the recipe.

What are your alternative recipes for making mascarpone cream?

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