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    Marriage changes your personality

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    If we spend a lot of time with another person, sooner or later we realize that we have begun to undergo some subtle changes, and perhaps others that are not all that subtle. We are likely to end up liking some of the TV shows this person sees, their favorite dishes, or even some of the commercial brands they prefer. We are also likely to give new meaning to certain words or phrases which become a kind of secret password that only the two of us understand. In short, we will begin to resemble each other.

    Psychologists at the University of Georgia have found that perhaps it is not necessary to wait that long to see such changes. After the first year of marriage we have already undergone important transformations in our personality.

    These researchers recruited 169 newly married couples and subjected them to tests to evaluate their personality, from the level of openness to new experiences to kindness and extroversion, during three moments of the couple's relationship: six months after marriage, the period around the first anniversary and six months after the first anniversary.

    Psychologists discovered that several personality changes took place between the first and last test. In this regard, they stated the following: “we usually consider personality a fairly static variable, but this study shows that very early in marriage and in a relatively short period of time, the personality of each member of the couple changes”.

    The 3 personality changes that marriage causes

    1. Both men and women become less sympathetic

    Marriage transforms the personalities of its members by making them less likeable, pleasant, and more irritable. Psychologists believe these changes are due to the fact that the early stages of marriage are often difficult as they both have to get used to a new status, have to go through many changes in their lives, both emotionally and economically, and have to stop idealizing. the partner to deal with everyday problems. All of this can end up exacerbating the couple's character, at least until the two find a new balance.

    1. Women become less open to new experiences and men more withdrawn

    Psychologists have found that women tend to be less open to trying new experiences and men become a little more withdrawn. When getting married, it is common for the couple to focus more on the relationship and spend more time together, which often reduces their social interactions. In practice, their world does not continue to grow outward but expands in the relationship.

    1. Women experience less negative moods and men become more conscientious

    During the first year of marriage, two very positive changes occur in the personality of its members: women experience less intense negative emotional states, decreasing the chances of suffering from depression or anxiety. Men, on the other hand, by taking on new responsibilities, usually develop greater awareness.



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