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Mantra for personal development

Personal development depends largely on ourselves and is the key to building your life based on who we want to be and why. A key tool used in the field of psychology are mantras for personal development.

Last update: June 25, 2021

Personal development largely depends on ourselves, the goals we focus on and the actions we decide to take to achieve them. Mantras for personal development are an ideal dynamic technique to fully enter into this perspective and to achieve their goals.

Certain roads are difficult to follow: it is difficult to get into the rhythm and often in the face of difficulties we feel like giving up everything. Working on ourselves is the best gift we can give ourselves and the greatest source of satisfaction.

Mantras are words or phrases that are repeated like a prayer: these are Sanskrit words that usually refer to sounds and which, according to many beliefs, have psychological or spiritual power.

Of course, it is a practice that can be traced back to the field of meditation, but everyone can resort to mantras in a very simple and effective way. They are also a very useful strategy for focus and work on different aspects of personal development.

What is a personal development mantra?

Some phrases or words define us perfectly. Thus, when we read them, we feel that they express our values ​​or our desires.

Some people choose to tattoo them on the body, others buy t-shirts, still others choose decorative elements that carry the chosen mantra. Psychology works along this line, helping people discover mantras that can show them the way to make their dreams come true.

In essence, a personal mantra is a group of words loaded with special meaning. In this way they end up channeling the energy towards the achievement of different goals.

Each person chooses their mantras unconsciously, based on the special feeling they convey and the motivation that drives them to act with determination. It doesn't matter if the mantra is made up of a single word or a phrase: the only important aspect is that it has a meaning for those who choose it.

There is a great deal of literature on the subject, as well as numerous psychology and coaching professionals who are dedicated to this field. You therefore have many sources for discover some easy and fun tips for creating mantras for personal development.

Discover the mantras for personal development

We all have goals in life. After establishing them, it may happen that some remain unfinished. In these cases, we are often in a bad mood, we take refuge in our comfort zone, where everything is easier and it is also possible to postpone the initial good intentions.

Even when our efforts seem in vain, we can always decide to move forward. Why, after all, how can we give up and give in to laziness? How to abandon the battle to get what we want, to make our dreams come true? How hard is it to take control of your life?

The key is to maintain the initial momentum. But how to do it? Here come the mantras for personal development. There are many ways to get inspired and choose them according to your needs.

"There is only one corner of the universe that you can be sure you can improve, and that is you."

-Aldous Huxley-

Tips for choosing mantras

Here is a series of tips for choosing the most suitable mantras for your person:

  • Fall in love with yourself and your goals, without giving in to external pressures.
  • Establish simple routines, avoiding being overwhelmed by titanic tasks.
  • When your plans have gone up in smoke and all the emergency exits are blocked, you have to get up, don't be discouraged, because this attitude is of no use. Conversely, you have to allow yourself the right time to reach your goals.
  • Learn to love and accept yourself. Strive every day to be a better person for yourself and your family.
  • Seeking harmony and the will to live.
  • Always keep your personal development mantras handy.
  • Devote a definite time to each specific activity. This will make you more confident, more focused on tasks and more relaxed, and you can also find time for yourself.

Mindfulness: a path of personal development

Nothing is more powerful than a person who is in control of himself and of her own life, capable of facing any challenge and with the energy to make new commitments with herself. Personal development is based on this and we must keep in mind the need to be calm and lucid in order to learn to listen to ourselves.

We cannot forget that we live immersed in a vortex of events, we are subjected to a multitude of stimuli in front of which we also act in autopilot mode. In this way, many times we simply react to what is presented to us without giving ourselves time to think and decide which position we want to take.

Learning to connect with ourselves is the solution to deciding who we want to be and where we want to direct our steps. Mindfulness is very helpful in achieving awareness and giving us that space to grow.

This technique is also gaining more and more followers in the field of personal development, taking into account its relationship with vipassana meditation, which is based on the use of mantras that induce relaxation.

Through mindfulness training, we can acquire the skills necessary to achieve awareness necessary to focus on the fundamental aspects of our life, then work hard on our personal development.

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