Mandarin sorbet, a delicious winter recipe

Mandarin sorbet, a delicious winter recipe

Il sorbet is a dessert which we consume especially in the warm months.

The mandarin one, however, should be enjoyed when this fruit is in season, that is, in late autumn and throughout the winter.

A sorbet can be enjoyable even in the cold months and many of our grandmothers, in fact, they did it with snow; the white and soft one, just come down from the sky.

The mandarin sorbet is refreshing and delicious and, if consumed a little more loose, so that it is not very cold, it can be an alternative to lemon sorbet, as an end of a meal.

The recipes to prepare it are many, after having made several attempts I chose the following one because it is very fast and does not require the use of egg white.

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Mandarin sorbet recipe


Ingredients for people 4

> 300 g of mandarins (weight of the fruit already peeled);
> 200 ml of natural mineral water;
> 100 g of granulated sugar;
> 1 tablespoon of condensed milk (optional).



Peel the tangerines and separate the wedges. Deprive every segment of the outer skin; this step could be a bit annoying but it is important to obtain a homogeneous mixture; However, it is not necessary to be too meticulous and, especially if the skin is very thin, some residue is not a problem.

Of course, if you use real mandarins, who have seeds, care must be taken to remove them all; however, the recipe is also excellent with clementines, which have the advantage of not having seeds.

After cleaning the fruit, add the sugar and blend very well. Store the preparation in the freezer for five minutes. Before pouring the mixture into the ice cream maker, add a tablespoon of condensed milk and mix thoroughly.

This step is optional; if you do not want to add ingredients of animal origin, you can safely omit, but it helps to make the mixture more creamy and full-bodied; a tablespoon is really enough.

Operate the ice cream maker and let it go for about twenty minutes before dividing the contents into four bowls and serving.

This recipe does not involve the use of tangerine peel but who is lucky enough to find organic fruits you can certainly add the grated rind of three or four mandarins, to make the sorbet even more fragrant.

Another ingredient that can be added to this sorbet recipe is la grated zest of one lemon, always as long as the fruit comes from organic food.

In fact, it is not advisable to use the peel of non-organic fruits because pesticides are never a good ingredient for our recipes.


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