Man belly: how to eliminate the belly?

Wondering how to get rid of the belly?

Losing weight and burning fat, especially in the abdominal area, is very important. This not only for an aesthetic question (which certainly has a certain weight in making us feel good about ourselves), but above all for a matter of physical and mental well-being.

For these reasons it is good to get in shape by starting with the right diet and the right training. This does not mean giving up eating and going to the gym every day for years, but rather acquiring basic knowledge to live better.

Of course, it is true that we are mainly interested in eliminating that ball under the shirt, but although they have always made you believe that long and exhausting abdominal sessions are necessary to eliminate the belly, the reality is far from this. So ... how to get rid of the belly?

1. Nutrition and Caloric Deficit

Although our interest is in training, let's take a quick look at nutrition, one of the key points for weight loss. In the modern era we are constantly tempted by junk foods that are of no benefit to our body and often cause the disastrous consequences described above.

Our body needs the right amount of food during the day and the right nutrients: prefer protein sources such as eggs, fish and lean meats, they will help build and support muscle mass.

Man belly: how to eliminate the belly?

Carbohydrates rich in fiber and medium / low glycemic index such as rice and pasta / bread prepared with whole wheat, legumes and cereals, vegetables in quantity. THE "good" carbohydrates they are essential for our physical and mental energy, unlike sugars that should be eliminated.

Finally, give space to sources of healthy fats such as nuts and oil seeds, avocado, peanut butter and some oils such as extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, essential for heart and body health. Furthermore, all these foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, essential for our health.

Remember not to overdo it: keep a calorie deficit is crucial for slimming. This means introducing slightly fewer calories into the body than we need to carry out all normal bodily functions and daily life.

The advice of our doctor or nutritionist will be essential to determine the correct daily calorie intake to fuel our training and maximize weight loss, because eating too little as is normally done in many DIY diets, will inevitably lead to bad results such as loss of lean tissue, physical discomfort with consequent damage to the body, and finally often you will go back to eating incorrectly and gaining weight as before.

2. Training

We talked about the poor results obtained with long and exhausting abs sessions as it is known that they strengthen the abdomen and can certainly burn calories, but if they are covered in fat they will never show.

We must also aim for a workout aimed at working the whole body and burning calories, this will improve our endurance, stimulate muscle growth and fat loss, and over time it will bring us amazing results for our fitness and for the health of the organism.

It is good practice to perform anaerobic and anaerobic training, possibly at high intensity. By doing so, the training time will be drastically reduced and the body will not be overly stressed.

Let's first go to an interval training (HIIT or Interval Training), amazing for weight loss. It consists of alternating a period of high intensity exercise with a period of total or active rest.

An example could be a fast run lasting 20 seconds followed by a rest lasting 10 seconds, in which we can also decide to walk (active rest) if we wish. This type of training is concentrated in a short and intense period which leads to a high energy expenditure during and after the end of the training… that's right, you will continue to burn calories for hours and at rest! Is not it fantastic?


Let's see an example of interval training:

Man belly: how to eliminate the belly?


As our body gets used to these rhythms, we can decide to change the times by increasing the duration of the exercises and shortening that of rest. Doing so will prevent the body from over-adapting to this workout and will continue to burn over time, improving our stamina and maximizing results. These types of training should be practiced at least 2 or 3 times a week.

On the other hand, anaerobic training plays an important role in muscle growth and also in weight loss: by increasing lean mass and toning the whole body, it will be easier for our body to burn excess fat, moreover by performing key exercises, we will maximize weight loss and we will give our body an enviable shape and proportions.

There are several weight training techniques, certainly very effective is the practice of multi-joint exercises that will involve several muscle groups at once, increasing the aesthetic benefits and energy expenditure.

Usually these workouts are divided into days to give the body the time it needs to recover, for example by training chest and arms on Monday, legs on Tuesday and so on ... you can rely on your personal trainer to decide the best strategy to adopt and to be sure to perform the exercises correctly.


Here is an example of weight training broken down into 3 days:

Man belly: how to eliminate the belly?


Important Considerations and Tips

1. Remember that diet is vital

Even a great workout can become deleterious to our body if our diet mirrors that of a bird, or if on the contrary, our daily calorie intake is more like that of a dinosaur.

2. Eliminate junk food

Sugar and sugary foods, fast foods, fried foods, carbonated drinks and unhealthy foods.

3. Drink lots of water

A minimum of 1 liter per 25 kilos of body weight at rest. Hydration is essential to lose weight and to train to your full potential.

4. Don't be sedentary but activated

A walk in the park, a bike ride, a trip to the mountains ... all those things that are good for our health and weight loss.

5. Integration

In a period of intense training, integration is our ally and can help us enormously with those typical deficiencies. It can be convenient for you to take protein-based shakes at specific times of the day, Omega 3 and multivitamins. In addition, a good thermogenic can give that extra boost to weight loss.


Follow these simple nutritional tips and a workout of this type, alternating cardio activities with anaerobic training and you will not be able to fail to see results!

Do not think you can lose weight in 2 days but follow a precise and prolonged path over time; diet and training must not be drastic and sudden changes in our life, but a lasting path and a sustainable lifestyle, which will accompany us in our climb towards physical and mental well-being.

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