Making love also means laughing together

Making love also means laughing together

Last update: January 15, 2019

Making love is one of the most beautiful and satisfying experiences that can be lived together with another person. There are people who claim to always make love and others who say they always have sex. What is certain is that there is no single right answer, but that each person is distinct and perceives situations differently.

Interestingly, the Eskimos define making love as "laughing together". In this way, they eliminate any sense of guilt and shame and use a term that denotes the complicity and fun that intimacy with the person we love presupposes.

Currently, with new technologies, we always communicate through cell phones, so it is common to see couples or groups of people in bars, on the street or in different places, totally focused on their phones and unable to create a pleasant moment with the people around them. . This presupposes a certain humiliation, since what apparently brings us closer, actually distances us further and further.

Sharing our intimacy with someone is much more than having sex, it is complicity, affection, help, understanding, respect, honesty. It is a set of values ​​that seem to be being lost, because we are probably afraid to show ourselves to people for who we really are.

Making love means creating intimacy with another person

Intimacy with another person is created by sharing time, enjoying conversations, to gradually get to know the other person and ourselves, discovering common and distinct interests. Each of us is a universe made up of many elements that make us unique and that require time and a certain closeness to be discovered and appreciated.

Making love means sharing

Sharing our time with someone we appreciate is unique, because these are moments that won't repeat themselves. However, it's also about sharing meaningful looks, caresses or kisses.

Sometimes a glance is enough to understand each other: if he looks at us, we know exactly what he means, without the need for words.

Making love means having fun

Having fun with someone, sharing pleasant moments creates a great intimacy and complicity. Sometimes, by way of protection, we keep ourselves serious, even if a sense of humor and self-irony are qualities that create empathy and that promote rapprochement.

Making love means showing affection

Making love isn't just about sleeping with another person and having sex. Making love means caressing, looking at another person, enjoying the intimacy that is created together.   

Affection is also shown by helping and supporting the person we love when they need it, giving them a hug when they are sad, showing our support with a simple caress.

Making love means being yourself

Sexuality includes much more than one's sexual act, because it's not just about sharing a bed with someone, having sex and disappearing. Sexuality can manifest itself in a thousand ways: a simple walk hand in hand, a deep look in front of the light of a candle, the simple touch, an out of hours message, a meeting in an unexpected place.

We seem to be afraid of being ourselves; we are not afraid that they see our naked body, but we hide our soul in the depths, so that no one can see it.

It takes courage to show who we are and how we are, to show our defects, our virtues and our miseries. However, only by being ourselves will we be able to enjoy a full relationship with another person, by ceasing to be the character we decide to play and allowing ourselves to be who we are.

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