Majorca wheat: properties, use and where to find it

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Majorca wheat is an ancient variety of soft wheat, scientifically known as Triticum aestivum albidum, cultivated for centuries in Sicily, together with the ancient timilia wheat.

It is a very tall white soft wheat - the ears can reach 180 cm! - is cGrown in arid and dry soils, now mostly in organic and niche crops, seen the poor yield, roughly half that of modern varieties.

It is a special grain for various reasons: flavor, nutritional properties, versatility of use and relative speed of cooking, let's get to know it better!


Properties of Majorca wheat

It is one of those foods found precious and nutritious: Majorcan wheat, a soft and at the same time robust wheat, has a high protein content, about 8,5 grams of protein for 100 grams of product, mineral salts and vitamins and the flour has excellent bread-making qualities.

It is a food too easily digestible, the low gluten content, about 50% less than other commonly used grains.


Majorca wheat: uses and where to find it

Majorcan wheat has long been used especially in Sicily in the form of flour, for basic dessert recipes. In fact, it is said that, in addition to typical waffles, biscuits and cakes, even the Sicilian cannoli themselves were born using the flour of this grain.

It is also used for impasti salad, of tasty and very fragrant white bread, pizza, focaccia, taralli or breadsticks.

Whole wheat soft wheat flour from Majorca can be found in shops specializing in natural or organic products, or you can buy it online, doing a brief search among Sicilian producers. The price per kilo is around 6 euros.

You can also find the "royal pasta"which is needed to be famous fruit with almonds, or bronze-drawn fresh pasta. Also exists, sold in convenient bags, the Majorca pearled wheat in grains, perfect for salads, soups or wheat risottos: it does not require soaking, it is boiled in water or cooking broth for just under half an hour, after rinsing.


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