Magnesium sulfate, the supplement to cleanse the liver

Magnesium sulfate, the supplement to cleanse the liver

Magnesium Sulphate is the Magnesium salt of phosphoric acid and certainly the name thus formulated says little to most people.

It is actually very popular under the name of English salt or Epsom salts, and it is a very effective particular remedy that is used for depuration intestine and liver.

However, there is a protocol to be followed carefully for the intake of magnesium sulphate so that its deep purifying action is effective and without unwelcome effects.


Practice of liver cleansing with magnesium sulfate

The intake of English salt should take place within a few hours, after following a 'very light feed and purifying. It is therefore advisable to let it fall on the weekend or in a period in which you can rest and relax.

In the week preceding the eventual liver cleanse weekend it would be better to drink a liter of apple juice a day, in fact malic acid has the property of softening gallstones. The diet as anticipated must be light, rich in vegetables and cereals and free of animal fats and proteins.

In the two days dedicated to purification we will have to hire a liter of apple juice and a breakfast of cereals, without sugar, with very frugal lunch based on boiled rice and boiled vegetables.

After lunch, no other foods should be eaten apart from water. We prepare a mix consisting of three glasses of water and four tablespoons of Magnesium sulphate and around 18 we drink a glass; after a couple of hours we drink another glass.

The procedure intensively stimulates the bowel to evacuate and some small gallstones should already be expelled at this stage. We lie down for the night remaining supine with the head resting on two pillows to keep it raised with respect to the body, to avoid any possible regurgitation.

At 6 in the morning we take the third dose of Sali and at 8 the last. The evacuations will continue with the expulsion of multiple stones and in the morning it will be possible to drink a juice and then eat a fruit, while at noon a light lunch. It is advisable to start with summarize foods gradually, starting with rice and vegetables and only the following days start reintroducing sugars and proteins.

The effects of liver cleansing are visible right away: shiny and strengthened hair, luminous skin, a sense of lightness, facilitated digestion, strengthened immune system, regenerative sleep.


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The Liver, our largest gland

Liver purification is particularly important for the well-being of our body. A well-functioning liver allows for one proper digestion, for an good blood filteringand that comes from the intestine, an effective one fat emulsion.

It is important that the bile ducts remain clean, to allow the passage of the bile and the activities it carries out; however, these ducts often become clogged with the formation of gallstones.

They are not always identified, because they may be small in size but still capable of limiting liver functions. Oily hair, skin impurities, dark spots, but also back and shoulder pain, joint pain they can be caused by a malfunction of the liver.

It is therefore necessary to carry out a liver cleansing practice and magnesium sulphate is an effective remedy that must be taken following all the necessary indications and the help of an expert.


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