Lower Back Pain | Causes, Remedies and Exercises

By the healthiergang writer , medical student.

Lower back pain

Il pain in the lumbar it is certainly something that has accompanied everyone for a certain period of life.

More than half of the people feel discomfort in this area and most of them have been forced to live with it for several years now. Lower back pain it affects both people who play sports and sedentary people.

In the second case, the reasons can be attributed to one incorrect posture or overweight problems.

In the first, the causes are varied and often complex; in any case the lower back pain is the element that is capable of stop the workout even the most determined people.

Il chronic pain of the lumbar area is often attributable to some hernias or disc protrusions. In the first case there is little to do while in the second it is possible avoid stressing the area waiting for the protrusion to eventually resolve.

Lower Back Pain | Causes, Remedies and Exercises

Lower Back Pain Causes

The lumbar spine forms the third portion of the vertebral column and is composed of 5 vertebrae.

These 5 vertebrae constitute a sort of supporting pillar for the abdomen in fact they are the only "rigid" part of the abdominal area. Having said that, we can already understand how much this area is in itself subjected to great stress with only the weight of the upper body. It is as if an entire house were built by making it stand on a single supporting pillar. It is no coincidence that the lumbar vertebrae have a more robust and articulated size than the other vertebrae.

There are many factors that aggravate the stress on this area.

? Jobs that force you to sit for several hours

It can be observed that lumbar problems have been spreading more and more in recent years, in parallel with the tasks that force us to sit down.

While sitting one assumes an unnatural position which does not allow the buttocks to contribute to the stability of the spine, favors a shortening in the flexor muscles of the pelvis and the entire weight is discharged into the lower back rather than passing through the lower limbs.

Finally, we are led to take “more comfortable” positions than concretely they do not reflect a natural alignment of the spine.

? Muscle stiffness and postural problems.

Lower Back Pain | Causes, Remedies and ExercisesPain in the lower back is often caused by some kind of muscle stiffness in or around the abdominal area.

Sometimes they are the leg muscles, which are very strong muscles, which alter the normal alignment of the pelvis resulting in pain. Other times the problem is in some other area of ​​the spine.

Since this is a sort of unitary element, if there is an imbalance in one point there will be some automatic modifications to compensate for it. For example, if you tend to bend forward with your neck, there will be a loss of physiological curvatures also in the lumbar area.

Finally, lower back pain can be caused by weakness of certain muscles in the abdominal area. Of the general lines that almost always adapt to the problems exposed are stretching, strengthening of the muscles, foam roller and constant control in the posture we assume every day.

? Genetic predispositions.

Lower Back Pain and Weights

In the context of the gym, lumbar problems are something you do presents in virtually every subject and also many times over the training period.

A incorrect execution of exercises that load the spine (such as squats, deadlifts or rowing) or series brought to the limit of this type of exercise are almost always the recipe for problems in the lower back.

Remedies and Exercises

A trick that can be chosen to prevent problems is that of strengthen the entire core. By core we mean the set of muscles that contribute to the stability of the spine, i.e. abdominals, oblique abdominals, lumbar, buttocks and back muscles.

A very useful exercise in this regard are the deadlifts. The deadlift is an exercise that allows you to use high loads and to stimulate the entire posterior kinetic chain.

The problem is that almost always this excellent exercise is poorly executed due to inadequate mobility or a lack of knowledge of the way in which the exercise is performed.

The deadlift performed correctly is the best choice for strengthening lumbar, buttocks and spinal erectors. If the problem is mobility you can try to put some lifts in order to make the exercise more feasible while if the problem is the technique it is necessary to lower the loads and work on this.

Another trick could be that of strengthen the abdominal muscles and lose excess weight.

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