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    Low self-esteem: causes and useful remedies

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    Robert Maurer

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    Suffer from low self-esteem? You have come to the right place.

    In this article, I have collected some very powerful strategies that will concretely help you improve this aspect of your life.

    “Don't worry if others don't like you. Worry if you don't appreciate yourself. "


    Do you think you are unable to achieve the goals you have set for yourself?

    You don't know how to approach a girl / or because you are afraid of rejection?

    I have two good news for you.

    The first is that it is about rather common situations. Therefore, they must not generate a feeling of inadequacy or self-pity in you.

    The second is that by changing some of your behaviors you can improve concretely your personal and professional life.

    If you take this approach yours, soon you will say goodbye to insecurities and mental cages that you have been carrying around for who knows how long, and you will increase your self-confidence.

    But how to do it? How to increase your self-esteem and live happy? Are there any valid recipes?

    Why do you suffer from low self-esteem?

    Before leaving this enclosure made of low self-esteem, you have to learn to know yourself and understand why you are suffering from such a condition.

    This sort of self-analysis is not easy and, often, not even pleasant. In fact, it could bring to light something that you have deliberately underestimated or hidden, but that you should work on.

    It won't be easy, but I assure you that in most cases you will find that what is blocking you can become a strength!

    For example, many people have a low self-esteem because of their physical shape.

    Over the years the conditions of overweight and obesity have increased dramatically, and coincidentally we are increasingly bombarded with advertisements that throw statuesque physicists in our faces.

    And what are the consequences?

    More and more people feel out of place, unsuitable, anxious in the social context.

    Still, some studies have found a relationship between low self-esteem and family affective situation. Simplifying, on average, people who grew up in non-parental contexts have lower levels of self-esteem than those who have experienced a family situation that is favorable from an emotional point of view.

    In other cases, the causes of one low self-esteem they are to be found in disappointments (love, professional, family, etc.), which lead people to feel inadequate in relationships with others.

    Sometimes, on the other hand, low self-esteem is the result of an overly competitive environment where it is difficult to bring out one's skills and abilities.

    Obviously the list of causes of low self-esteem does not end here. But I'm interested in taking the next step by answering this question: how to fight it?

    Increase your self-esteem by knowing yourself

    If you've read this far, chances are you want to improve your low self-esteem and are wondering what to do.

    Well, the starting point is linked to what we have just said: to know yourself.

    By this I don't mean anintrospection real done with the support of a psychologist, but at the very least start to discover, evaluate and observe your feelings, emotions and thoughts.

    In a lifestyle as hectic as the one that distinguishes our time, it all too often happens to forget the importance of analyzing one's feelings and motivations.

    So try to become aware of everything you do. Start wondering, for every action, if that's what you really want or if there's something binding you. Try to understand if you have always acted automatically or if you are behaving that way because you want to.

    Try to be objective and… you will discover many things that until today you have underestimated.

    For example, you may realize that that college exam isn't as hard as you think, but the truth is you don't want to sit in the chair for as long as it takes.

    Or you may find that that girl she's not that unpleasant, but your opinion is clouded by the envy you feel for her (because she is more beautiful, richer, better, and so on).

    Admitting these truths may be unpleasant and, for some, is the hardest stumbling block to overcome on a path to better self-esteem.

    However, this is a journey you MUST start. It can be harsh, critical, and bitter, but you will be able to spot the real obstacle and tackle it with more energy.

    Surround yourself with the right people

    People who suffer from low self-esteem they often feel inadequate in many personal or professional situations that they perceive as unmanageable.

    While this is almost never the case, it can help to have the right people around you or… imagine having them!

    Start going out and sharing situations with these people, and when they're not physically close to you in your time of need, think about what they might tell you.

    In this way you will always have a support ready to support you on every occasion and you will strengthen your conviction and your decision-making capacity.

    Accept your difficulties

    If you have low self-esteem, it is very likely that you are the cause. This profound, often underlying truth could cause great psychological suffering.

    Here is my advice: accept your difficulties, and you will immediately feel better.

    Accepting yourself, with your limitations and skeletons in the closet, means legitimizing the existence of your person, your soul, your emotions, even if there are some aspects that you just don't like.

    By accepting yourself you will begin to lay the foundations to be able to "work" on the less positive aspects and, consequently, identify what you can improve.

    Improve what's wrong

    Now we can go one step further: take action!

    Once you have accepted yourself and identified the aspects to correct, you can try to establish a dialogue with your soul or, at least, with that part of yourself that you just can't stand.

    Start a gentle and non-critical confrontation, looking for a comparison especially with that part of you that is close to you, after all there are always opportunities to improve and face life with more positivity.

    An important note: there is no recipe that can be suitable for everyone: you will have to work, element by element, to find your own personal way out.

    Let's see a practical example: think of one reward "positive".

    Let me explain better, in the face of a particularly difficult obstacle, focus on the gratification you will get once it is overcome.

    Are you afraid of asking for a raise? You may find motivation by thinking for even a few minutes about what you could do with your new salary.

    Are you afraid of asking a girl out? Stop for a moment to think about the beautiful evening that awaits you.

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