Loving yourself is easier than it sounds

Loving yourself is easier than it sounds

Loving yourself is easier than it sounds

Last update: 08 March, 2016

Everyone wants to be loved and respected as a human being, but for that to happen, it is first and foremost it is essential to be consistent in feeling love for yourself. Loving each other is easier than it seems ...

Know that we reflect in others what we actually feel and feel about our own being. With this article, we invite you to take a deep breath and put into practice some of the advice we offer. You will get inner balance as well as a pleasant feeling of comfort, and you will begin to love yourself. Give yourself a chance!

Don't compare yourself to anyone else

It is well known that each human being is unique and inimitable, and for this reason the path to reach a goal is different for each of us. Do not make unnecessary comparisons between you and those at your side, do not look for "mistakes" in others that you think you are committing.

In this way, you will only unleash a sense of frustration in you, blocking all your true talents or potentials in the bud. Each of us has had different experiences and relationships, making comparisons is useless.

Also nourish yourself with what gives you energy

Remember, the outward appearance reflects what we feel and our ability to love ourselves. Sport and physical activity not only serve to keep fit, but bring serenity, health and the right attention to be in harmony with ourselves. Begin to love and accept your body as it is.

Enjoy your friends

True friends are forever. I am with you for better or for worse. Learn to appreciate your friends and offer them the best of you, so that friendship is eternal. Do not forget that "whoever finds a friend finds a treasure", even more so if you want to live life to the full.

Find time for yourself

Spending time with yourself is an opportunity to learn to listen to yourself, to appreciate yourself and to keep inner peace to feel good about yourself. This is the first step in loving yourself. After a hard day's work, it's not wrong to say no to an inviting plan with friends or partner to stay quiet at home.

Get out of your comfort zone

Dare to step outside your comfort zone, go and discover new spaces and places. Walk in places unknown to you to experience new sensations, feel alive and continue to learn more and more.

Let go of those who have hurt you

Remember: it is not necessary to keep those who have harmed you by your side. There is nothing wrong with giving an opportunity and trying to clarify, but if you do that, the situation continues to get worse, perhaps this is not the solution.

In a relationship, both sides are at stake, and if one of you doesn't want to put his or her in, don't feel obligated to keep investing your energy. Let go, don't drag situations forever, you also need your rest.

Express your love to the people you care about

Sooner or later we all leave this world. Remember that to live and enjoy life, it is good to love others unconditionally, sharing this feeling with those you love. Don't be ashamed to tell your mother, uncle, brother, friend or partner how much you love them.

When they are gone, you will regret not having taken the opportunity to dedicate those words of affection to them. It's best to voice your feelings.

Take care of yourself

The emotional state depends on the physical appearance of a person and on the care that he devotes to himself, to his own essence. Our appearance reflects who we are inside, don't forget that. Taking care of your body and keeping fit with sport helps eliminate stress and the energy that comes from emotions that we are unable to handle in the right way.

“One day, somewhere, in any place, you will inevitably find yourself with yourself. That, and only that, can be the happiest or the most bitter of your hours. "

-Pablo Neruda-

Laugh at yourself

Mistakes, turn them into a smile. How? Don't take anything too seriously, and remember that mistakes allow you to learn. There are many scientific studies that claim that the smile is one of the best remedies put in place by man to get rid of negative emotions and stress. Also remember that smiles generate well-being in you and in those around you, and this is the first step to begin to love yourself.

Remember that life is not meant to please others

Accept yourself and love yourself for who you are. Loving each other is easier than it sounds. Keep in mind the words of Buddha: "You yourself, like no one else in the world, deserve your love and loyalty." We often worry too much about what others will say or think about our actions, the ones that make us who we are. Learn to ignore everything that conditions you.

Doing good will bring you good

Karma exists, it is a divine concept that teaches us to learn from life every day. Learn from the wonderful phrase that says: "What is sown is reaped."

In the past I have learned that to help loved ones, you have to be consistent in giving your example. You need to take commitment and responsibility for what you say. Do not preach if you are the first to fail.

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