Loving is our superpower

Loving is our superpower

Loving is our superpower

Last update: May 11, 2016

Love is our emotional vitamin, the one that gives us vitality and strength to face life. This is why we say that loving is our superpower, it increases our strength and the ability to walk tall for life.

Who has never fallen in love, experiencing the feeling of being invincible? Who, after receiving a hug, hasn't taken command of her life with greater resolve than before? Who hasn't needed to say or be told a "I love you and I trust you" to continue with her projects?

We need to love and be loved, it is essential for us. It's not about finding a partner, it's about loving those around us and it means a lot to us. Because many times, when we are about to fall, there is affection to support us.

 “I love you so much that I invite you to step on the dry leaves in the afternoon. I love you when we go out for a walk, when we talk about love, while we still walk. I love you when we laugh out loud, drunk on nothing and when we stroll unhurriedly through the streets.

I love you so much that I go with you to places I usually go to and tell you that that's where I sit and think of you. I love you so much I could hear you laugh all night. I love you so much that I never let you go again.

I love you as certain loves are loved, in the old way, with the soul and without looking back. ".

Jaime Sabines

Love and intimacy: two sources of strength

Admiration and affection are sources of strength. Attachment, intimacy, and deep concern for the well-being of loved ones are part of the emotional baggage we create and keep us in balance.

According to Maslow, love and relationships fall into the category of physiological and safety needs in the pyramid of human needs; without them, we could not reach the step of self-realization, esteem, respect, success, spontaneity ...

In order to reach our goals by managing our inner clock, we therefore need to scan the breaths of the people we love. Because after all, the people we love are our north, they help us to establish the cardinal points towards which to direct our gaze at all times.

The consequences of "loving" on our brain

Loving is our superpower on all levels, including the brain. We have already had occasion to underline the importance of analyzing the neurochemical alterations that are generated in our brain through feelings and emotions.

In other words, even if we tend to consider the heart as the fulcrum of love par excellence, it is good to know that love is configured in the brain through sensations, emotions, thoughts and behaviors, responsible for promoting neurochemical and new alterations. neuronal connections.

Therefore, associations are created in the striated nucleus and in the lobe of the insula that allow our limbic system to process the feelings and emotions generated in us. Serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine are created within our nervous system, making care and attention one of our main behaviors.

We value our bonds with others mainly thanks to dopamine, while oxytocin and prolactin promote loyalty and staying with the people we love.

On the other hand, unconditional love itself seems to reside in the periaqueductal gray matter, a point known to also be the center of excessive pain. This explains why when we love someone madly, we need nothing more than the affection they give us back.

Ultimately, the love we feel for others is largely responsible for our strength, in every respect. For this we can say that the greatest benefits come not only from the act of loving in itself, but from doing it with our whole brain.

Making good use of this resource during our life journey will help us achieve all the goals we have set ourselves: walking hand in hand with love is a guarantee of success and well-being. Because loving is our greatest superpower.

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