Loving an animal: why so much intensity?

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Loving an animal: why so much intensity?

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Last update: December 14, 2021

Sigmund Freud said that the reasons that lead us to I will love an animal with such intensity they are understood when we consider that hers is a love devoid of ambivalence.

The relationship we have with animals is free from the unbearable conflicts of culture. Freud continued: "Dogs do not have a divided personality, the wickedness of the civilized man or the revenge of the human being against society because of the restrictions it imposes".

Not surprisingly, the founder of psychoanalysis said that the dog possesses the beauty of a complete existence in itself, and that despite all the divergences in terms of physical development, there is an intimate affinity, an indisputable solidarity.

Much more pleasant are the simple and direct emotions of dogs, when they wag their tails in contentment or bark to express displeasure. They remind us of the heroes of history, and it will be for this reason that many dogs are given the name of one of them.

-Sigmund Freud-

It is a joke that a dog lives an average of 12 years

Anyone will say that it is a shame that a dog or cat's life lasts only 12 years on average. The intense pain pushes us to say it, when we lose the opportunity to share life with our four-legged friend.

The time we spend in her company, the love we share seems too little. If we stop to look at the years spent together, with the eyes of tenderness and love, we realize that time flies.

It is that feeling of tempus fugit that we feel when in a caress we feel his heart beating in ours. And, a strange contrast when, every time we greet him and share time with him, we feel that this love is infinite.

Their superpowers, "weapon of mass goodness"

We think, with tenderness, that our animals of the heart have an infinity of superpowers that make them special and that fill us with reasons to love them with great intensity. If we make a list of all the ways they surprise us, we never stop smiling.

Loving an animal means letting ourselves be amazed, for example, by its ability to predict the future or to feel that we are coming home; from his "X-ray vision" with which he gets everything he wants, from his empathy, from his ability to tune into our emotional state and to offer us comfort and energy.

People who share their lives with an animal always proudly speak of their prowess and their ability to express worship.

The truth is that few things compare to the pain of leaving them alone at home when we go to work. Their pleading eyes fill us with pain, but their cheerfulness on returning floods us with happiness.

Animals are undoubtedly the best therapists for many of us. Their nobility and goodness have no limits. It could be said that until you love an animal, a part of the soul is dormant. There is, in our soul, a part reserved for loving an animal, for the possibility of enjoying its unconditional love and its lessons.

Love an animal and be loved

When you have a dog or a cat, the statement that "no one will ever love you more than you love yourself" becomes unreal and meaningless. Because animals are true masters of love and because every second by their side is an invaluable gift. Loving an animal is one of the most wonderful experiences in the world. Anyone who has tried it knows.

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