Love without borders, love beyond distances

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Love without borders, love beyond distances

To love without borders is to love starting from freedom, understanding and respect. It is cultivating the strength, courage and perseverance to preserve the relationship despite the circumstances.

Last update: January 28, 2022

Love is the feeling we have towards another person, the one we want the best of and with whom we feel a special connection. Sometimes it can be paid and sometimes not, but even when it is, you are not exempt from the obstacles that can compromise the relationship if the foundations are not solid and secure. One of the most feared and complex obstacles is distance. And that is why today we will talk about love without borders.

Distance is always perceived as treacherous. The fear of losing contact at any moment and forever must be faced sooner or later. Because loving without borders is possible, even if it is not an easy path. It requires awareness, commitment and emotion management. Below, we will explain what love without borders consists of, how to keep it and what are the benefits.

There are relationships that are like prisons, they keep us locked up, while others have wings and take us far away, they help us grow… Love without borders is like this, free, respectful and optimistic.

Characteristics of boundless love

Love without borders means breaking down walls, overcoming difficulties and evolving in harmony. It is a healthy and intelligent love, a love that nourishes, allows us to grow and to go beyond distances.

This type of love can be defined in several ways. An integral love, which persists despite the distance from the loved one or a mature love through which to face the difficulties that arise.

Love without borders also means learning to deal with what happens and that we cannot control, implies making a personal commitment to prevent circumstances from hindering love. For example, even if we always want to be close to our loved one, it is not always possible, but that does not mean that love cannot sprout.

How to keep a love without borders?

While it is true that love without borders is not among the easiest, there are, however, some strategies that make the situation more bearable:

  • Know yourself. Getting to know each other helps us understand how to act in difficult situations. In this sense, being aware of who we are and how we behave is of fundamental importance to truly love without borders.
  • Patience. It is about enduring adversity with strength, without being carried away by impulses and understanding that sometimes it takes time.
  • Be independent. Love that leads to addiction is toxic love. In order not to need the other, it is important to take care of one's space, one's time. Regardless of whether the partner lives in the same city or thousands of miles away.
  • Taking responsibility. Being responsible for ourselves, for what we think, feel and do. That is to accept that our choices can have consequences.
  • Be creative. If it's about distance, why not create something that helps us feel closer? The options are many, the important thing is not to feel obliged to do something we don't like.
  • Express feelings and thoughts. Often we close in on ourselves and do not express what we feel or think, but love without borders needs just the opposite. It is not necessary to always do it with people, there are so many alternatives. For example, dancing, playing sports or painting are activities closely linked to the emotional universe.

Well, boundless love is not boundless love. Distance can keep us apart, but that doesn't mean we can't hurt. You need to understand how far you can go with your partner and how far with yourself, respect first of all.

To love someone without borders, it is also necessary to love yourself. Only in this way can healthy relationships be established. For this, it is important to establish an assertive communication with the partner to increase the harmony.

Benefits of loving beyond distances

Love without borders offers great benefits, such as the following:

  • Learn to manage your thoughts and feelings.
  • Control your actions.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Take responsibility for your choices.
  • Improve self-knowledge.
  • Gain more balance.
  • Be more tolerant.
  • Increase respect.
  • Improve self-esteem.

Love, as psychologist Walter Riso states, is for the bold. It is a flower to be picked on the edge of a precipice. Therefore, we do not allow it to become toxic; let love without borders help us to discover another way of loving, the one that allows us to be close to ourselves as to others. Of course, one must have courage to obtain it and perseverance to maintain it, as it requires a lot of care.

Loving without borders also means not forgetting who we are, in order to love beyond distances without thinking of being at the center of the universe. You will have to be in tune with both yourself and your partner. Love without borders means learning from mistakes and obstacles, from affection, strength, understanding and harmony.

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