Love: the best refuge in bad times

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Love: the best refuge in bad times

Last update: June 23, 2016

Love comforts me in bad times. Every time I have had to overcome a situation that has tested my emotional and sentimental stability, I have sought refuge in this universal concept that always gives me ideas that can mitigate my pain.

Love is my refuge, but what exactly is love? Is it a concept invented by man? Is it a feeling? An emotion? Does it have a different meaning according to the interpretations that different societies have given it over the course of history?

The sure thing is that I am not able to define love in a total way, but I know that it is something that helps me when I need it most and that accompanies me whenever the paths I walk turn out to be more tortuous than I imagined.

“I love how he loves love. I don't know another reason to love you, other than to love you. What do you want me to tell you besides I love you if what I want to tell you is that I love you? "
-Fernando Pessoa-

Love is my refuge when I need it

Beyond the philosophical ruminations, I would like to dedicate a few words to the refuge that love offers us every time we go through a bad moment. In those situations on the edge, in which we feel that our soul is about to break in two.

Have you ever had to go through one of those romantic breakups that cause so much pain that you feel like they are tearing your heart out of your chest? The end of a relationship always leaves a deep pain within us that is difficult to heal, no matter how strong our mind is.

In that moment, love will be of great help to us to overcome such a painful situation. Seeking shelter in the warm embrace of a loved family member, such as our mother, father, brother or even a child, could be the right treatment. or we can turn to thatamico who is always by our side, whatever happens.

Love is my refuge after a loss

Another terribly difficult time when love can save us is that of a loss. Whenever a loved one leaves us, whenever we don't know how to deal with the drama of death, the people who love us can be a real balm for our suffering.

"When my voice is silenced by death, my heart will continue to speak to you."

 -Rabindranath Tagore-

You don't have to think only about the death of a loved one. It can also be the case of a family member who moves to a distant place for work or personal reasons. In any case, the feeling of loss is enormous and causes a sense of deep emptiness in the soul.

Love is in my refuge when I hit the bottom

There are many difficult situations that make us feel that we need love to find that refuge that alone, without any outside help, we are unable to find. Moments when the outstretched hand of a loved one is essential to bring a little light into our suffering and darkened soul.

The moments of crisis caused by the loss of a job, for example, can come to be really frustrating and painful, both for the person going through this phase and for his family who see the income that allowed them to reach the end of the month vanish.

Even the end of a friendship can lead the mind, soul and heart to fall into a state of deep lethargy from which we can not get out except with the help of those loved ones who are always willing to offer us their hand to help us. They are the ones who put the pieces back together every time, they are the ones who restore our trust.

The bad times we may have to go through in life are different and can come suddenly, without any warning signs: the lack of approval in a social group, the inability to fit in a job or a team, the inability to realize our dreams and the immense frustration that this entails, the need to communicate in the right way, without succeed ...

There are many dark moments that life has in store for us, many traps it puts along our path and the nasty surprises we have to deal with. Yet, never forget that love will always be the best refuge if you have loved ones close to you who are attentive to your needs, ready to help you get up and offer you a shoulder on which to rest your tired head.

Love is my refuge in bad times. The paths I walk are not always simple, but the understanding and affection of those who love me allows me to look towards the future with optimism, as I walk along the streets of my present with satisfaction, learning from the past.

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