Love sacrifices: they are today's investment for tomorrow's success

Many people when they think of the word "sacrifice" immediately imagine something negative: unpleasant tasks, sacrifices in terms of less time and money, various deprivations. No one can deny that sacrifices involve these things. But it is one somewhat limited vision. Sacrifice also, and above all, means fighting for today earn more tomorrow. In fact, only giving something that has value (money, time, energy) or by making sacrifices, we can get in return something that still has more value and that will improve our condition: more money, more education, more skills, a better standard of living, and so on. In conclusion, there is no success without sacrifice. It is good to underline this in order to avoid misunderstandings. Americans, for example, express this concept explicitly and clearly through the following proverb: there are no free lunches.

If a sacrifice is a sadness for you, not a joy, do not do it, you are not worthy.

Romain Rolland

Successful performances (in any field), once performed, seemingly all seem easy. Yet if we could see behind the scenes of the lives of people who excel, we would discover a world of immense effort and preparation. For example: a pianist makes his performance sound effortless, and many people who listen to him play feel that playing is easy or entirely natural for him. But viewers don't even imagine it amount of work, time and practice that the great pianists dedicate every day to refine their art. Of course, there is also some "genius" in some successful individuals; but genius, in order to express itself, must always be assisted by preparazione.

The sacrifices we decide to endure can be considered as both positive and negative aspects; this depends exclusively on us and ours mental state. We can focus on better results that one day we will get, so that we will consider the sacrifices an opportunity; or we can focus on the deprivation we are forced to endure today, so that the sacrifices are considered a source of concern. If you intend to have a more constructive approach to sacrifice and thus be able to bear it without stressing yourself, you must consider your personal growth path as a wonderful adventure. Living an adventurous life is certainly more stimulating than always doing the same things, but to be able to do it you have to face the sacrifice, adapt to the changing circumstances of life, and pay prices of all kinds, with a positive spirit and mental attitude, exactly. as if you were embarking on a journey you have always dreamed of. Lin the middle is what matters: focus only on it, and everything will seem more bearable. If today you were preparing for the most beautiful trip of your life, would you mull over the expenses to be faced, the boredom of flying, the suitcase to pack, the passport to renew and so on? Or, would you focus on the beauty of the place that awaits you, the wonderful things you will see and the emotions you hope to experience? Obviously the answer to this question (rhetoric) is obvious! However, I want to make a clarification: to be able to have a constructive mental attitude towards sacrifice you have to do something truly desired, something that respects your happiness. This is because sacrificing yourself for unheard of goals, or even not your own, would be more deleterious than ever (we have already seen in another article that there is always a threshold beyond which your efforts and sacrifices become unbearable and unmanageable).

And a i sacrifices make, being a kind of investment; if they are the price to pay for obtaining future results, satisfying and lasting; why do many people try to avoid them? Why do they go out of their way to reject them? Because they don't want to give up today's pleasures for one greater satisfaction than tomorrow? Perhaps we live in an age in which "everything and now" is desired, in which there is little willingness to wait for future gratifications; and then you prefer the satisfaction of the moment, even if this can mean having less tomorrow.

If you close a sale, you can make a living. If you invest in time and great customer service, you can make a fortune.

Jim Rohn

Farsighted and common sense people, on the other hand, do not care about the sacrifice; they think only of what they will become, aware that one day the world will fill them with glory and treasures. Happiness, love, money, a home, the achievements of life and anything else that has value are obtained only through sacrifice. Then always love the sacrifices you make and continue to cultivate the seed; only in this way will you reap the exquisite fruits of success.

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