Love each other as much as you wish to be loved

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Love each other as much as you wish to be loved

Last update: January 19, 2015

Feeling loved is one of the greatest needs of the human being as this reaffirms us as people and social beings. In fact, it can be said that a large part of our life revolves around this feeling and that most of the activities we carry out have this purpose. From makeup used by women to surrounding ourselves with people who make us feel good about ourselves.

However, however much we do to make others accept us and give us the love we desire, this may not be enough if the most important love is lacking: that towards ourselves. Usually forgotten and overshadowed, self-love is much more important than what others give us. This love is what allows us to move forward when we have to deal with social rejection and when negative feelings emerge. 

Learn to love yourself

We live in a society where the canons of beauty are extreme, the competence between colleagues is nurtured and we are taught that nothing is ever enough. All this means that every day we demand more of ourselves, generating frustration in all or in most areas of our life. For this reason, in the end we don't value or love ourselves as we should.

To learn to love yourself you need to:

- Recognize that we have qualities as well as defects. It is very common to be confronted with the canons set by society. Although this situation occurs mainly in the physical aspect, it can be reflected in any other aspect. A great activity is to make a list of the qualities and defects you have and then ask someone else to correct it and give us their opinion. This activity helps us see qualities we didn't even know we had.

- Respect ourselves as being unique and individual. People who love each other and who have sufficient self-esteem respect each other, which allows them not to want to look like anyone because they know that each of their characteristics makes them special. From the most particular to the most common features, they all make us unique.

- Identify ourselves as the central focus of our life. Although this point may seem strange, it is important to remember it, as many people usually put others at the center of their lives: children, family, work, partners, sports, etc. While there are responsibilities or goals to accomplish, we must never forget that the center of our life is ourselves and that if we don't do everything we can to make ourselves full and happy, no one else will.

These three tips are the basis of love for ourselves and we must forget the guilt or the belief that we must put ourselves in the background, because each person must be responsible for living their own life and loving themselves.. When someone succeeds, they will begin to feel greater approval and more love for others.

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