Losing weight with weights: the workout

    Running, cycling, walking at a fast pace is not enough: if you want to lose weight, define it silhouette or simply being fitter you also need them dumbbells and barbells, precious allies for your health. «Training with weights helps to prevent osteoporosis because the stresses to which the tendons are subjected, due to training with an overload, strengthen the bones and prevent their fragility, lurking over time.

    Furthermore, during the training, the muscle undergoes microfractures which, thanks to a self-repair process, leads the fibers to regroup and become stronger », explains Nicola Delbianco, personal trainer. But that's not enough. "There musculaturewhen toned, it is the best support for the spine; like this improves posture and back problems decrease », adds the expert.

    «Finally privilege only aerobic activity it can produce an excess of cortisol, a hormone secreted by the adrenal gland, which leads to chronic fatigue, fat accumulation in the abdominal area, water retention and increased blood sugar. Furthermore, you literally risk burning your muscles, making them too tired ».

    If you overdo your endurance work, for example by running out of steam, perhaps with the aim of losing weight as soon as possible, you are subjected to a prolonged and intense effort which, if not combined with toning, it leads to the consumption of fats, but also to affect the muscle tissue. In reverse, with the "weights" you stimulate the energy metabolism, making the most of and disposing of the caloric intake.

    Vary the exercise by combining cardio and tone up

    To keep you fit dedicates 2 sessions per week to aerobic training, a weekend bike ride with the family or a walk in the mountains is also valid, as long as it lasts for at least 40 minutes, at a good pace.

    As for the weights, our expert offers you a workout for the whole body, with a double purpose. Depending on the intensity and repetitions of the circuit it will help you lose weight or redefine your silhouette. You just need 2 weights of 3 kilos and you can practice it at any time of the day, perhaps outdoors, to optimize cellular oxygenation and recover fatigue in the best possible way.

    «Don't be afraid of the bodybuilder effect», concludes the trainer. «Women, physiologically, cannot develop one male musculature because they have little testosterone, about 10 times less than men ». Your silhouette, therefore, will simply become more toned and leaner.


    Repeat the circuit according to your goals. first, however, warm up your muscles. After, relax with stretching.

    1) Organize the training

    Do the circuit 1 to 3 times, depending on how fit you are and your goals. If you want to lose weight, repeat it every day, just once. It will take you 20-25 minutes. If, on the other hand, you aim to sculpt your silhouette, gradually increase the repetitions of the complete workout to 3, 2-3 times a week. 

    2) Start with the warm-up

    Do 5 minutes of preparation: 1 'of brisk walking, 1' of running on the spot, 10 rotations of the ankles, followed by the mobilization of the hips: standing, knee raised and bent at 90 °, imagine drawing a circle by rotating it in both directions. Finish with 1 'of walking.

    3) Conclude with relaxation

    After performing the exercises explained below, finish with a cool-down. Run 3 'of light running, then dedicate 3' to stretching. While standing, flex your right knee and grasp your ankle, bringing your foot towards your buttock. Try to keep your knees in line and not arch your back. 
    After 5 breaths, repeat with the other leg. Then lie on your back, flex your knees and bring them close to your chest, with your arms outstretched, in line with your shoulders and palms up. Then drop them to the ground, to the right, turning your head to the left. Hold for 6 deep breaths and then reverse, bringing the knees to the left and turning the head to the right.


    Losing weight with weights: the workout Losing weight with weights: the workout Losing weight with weights: the workout Losing weight with weights: the workout Losing weight with weights: the workout Losing weight with weights: the workout Losing weight with weights: the workout Losing weight with weights: the workout

    1. Stretches and push-ups of the arms

    To define biceps, shoulders and triceps

    Standing, arms at your sides, hold 2 weights of 3 kg. Then flex your forearms, bringing the dumbbells towards your shoulders and activating your biceps. From here, raise your arms above your head, also involving the deltoid muscle (the one that covers the shoulder), then flex your elbows and bring your forearms behind your head to train your triceps.

    Repeat the sequence in reverse to slowly bring your arms back to your sides. Run 10 times.

    Losing weight with weights: the workout

    2. Shelf

    To firm the core (the abdominal belt)

    Recover for 30 ”, then tone up with the plank. Knees and forearms on the ground, elbows in line with the shoulders. Extend your legs, pointing your feet and pivoting your arms, lift up to a position parallel to the floor.

    Stay in this position for 30 ”, being careful not to arch your back, then relax.

    Losing weight with weights: the workout

    3. Step up

    To sculpt the buttocks

    Start with your left foot on a step or small rise, holding the 3 kg weight in your right hand. Arms at your sides, look to the horizon, contract your buttocks and making sure you have your hips aligned, step onto the step with your right foot.

    Return to the ground, first placing the left one back on the ground. Repeat 10 times; then perform with the weight in the left hand and starting with the right foot on the riser.

    Losing weight with weights: the workout

    4. Push ups

    To train the upper part

    Lying on your stomach, place your knees and palms on the sides of your shoulders. The feet are raised. Contract abdominals and buttocks deeply while, exhaling, extend your arms, remaining balanced on your hands and knees.

    Then, inhaling, flex your elbows, to bring your chest to the ground, descending in no less than 3 seconds. Be careful not to bring your shoulders to your ears, Repeat 10 times. If you want to intensify, you can pass a rubber band around the back, fixing the ends under the hands: it must be slightly stretched.

    Losing weight with weights: the workout

    5. Squat

    To reshape from the waist down

    Standing, with the toes diverging, hold the weights and carry them to the shoulders, with the palms of the hands facing each other and the elbows, flexed, touching the ribs.

    Keeping your back in line, inhaling bent over, on your knees, imagining that you have to sit in a chair behind you. As you exhale, straighten your legs to return to the starting position and repeat, 10 times.

    Losing weight with weights: the workout

    6. Tractions

    For strong shoulders, back and arms

    In quadrupedal position, knees supported, arms extended in line with the shoulders, left hand on the ground and right hand holding the weight, resting on the floor. Extend your legs back, point your toes and stay balanced by aligning your torso and pelvis.

    Then flex your right elbow, keeping it close to your torso, and lift the weight off the ground. Put it back, slowly and then repeat 6 times. Then relax on the ground, sitting on your heels, stretching your torso and arms forward. Then perform the same movement with your left arm.

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