Losing weight with ice cream: tips for choosing the right one

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In addition to being good, ice cream can also be considered dietary? If artisanal, therefore made with fresh ingredients and of guaranteed quality, the answer is yes.

"In addition to helping hydration in the warmer months, ice cream helps you lose weight because all cold foods improve metabolism by stimulating calorie consumption ”, says the doctor Flavia Correale, dietician and endocrinologist in Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples and Salerno.


To promote the ideal weight, it is better to focus on fruit-based ice creams: «They have a nutritional value of 120 calories per 100 grams against 170 for creams », continues our expert.

«By the way, a pound of ice cream (equal to two balls) is there quantity of ice cream allowed in the daily diet, which can also be used as a hunger-breaking nutrient in a diet that aims to lose a few extra pounds. In this regard, it should also be added that the World Health Organization itself considers a portion of ice cream a valid substitute for one of the 5 daily fruit portions recommended in a healthy diet. Always in a weight-loss key, to have more advantages you can then focus on artisanal ice cream which replace cream with semi-skimmed milk and which contain fructose and stevia instead of glucose and sucrose '.


In the summer period the artisanal ice cream is also a valid ally of health in general. "A study by the University of Geneva", says Dr. Correale, "has shown that the intestinal bacterial composition, the microbiota, is influenced by temperature of the food introduced and in this sense the ice cream (at the right doses) becomes a precious ally of our organism when the mercury column tends to rise ».


√ And source of vitamines A, B6, B12, C, D, E and finally K., all important for the proper functioning of the body.

√ It is packed with mineral salts, especially calcium and phosphorus: its consumption thus helps to make the bones stronger and prevent the symptoms of PMS.

√ Allows you to fill up with energy thanks to the sugars contained in fruit and milk, such as fructose and lactose.

Contains tryptophan, natural tranquilizer that relaxes the nerves and helps with insomnia.


But what is the best homemade ice cream in the world? To find out this year, the qualifications for the Gelato Festival World Masters 2021, whose final will be held in the country. It is a challenge between the best artisan ice cream makers on the planet, selected through a path with hundreds of tests in four years on five continents, complete with technical and popular juries. The main international category tournament will thus involve the beauty of 5.000 ice cream chefs.

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