Lose weight, think lean

The words "calories", "costume fitting"Are they becoming irreplaceable companions in your days? Welcome, you are in good company since at this time of the year everyone, more or less, is at diet. But the perfect menu and the course fat burning may not be enough. Because the turning point towards the welfare is to think you are thin.

"Mindset is everything," stresses Katia Vignoli, psychotherapist. "It is the way we look at the world, it gives the input and direction to life and it is also the matrix of the body, since it is linked to the mind double wire. In fact, beyond the weight, there are people who have the "forehead"When they are thin and others who have that when they are fat".

"If you are on a diet but you continue to attribute the wrong value to food, you struggle with nothing," continues the expert. "Today they often eat food out of boredom, stress, happiness or anger. Eating, unfortunately, is the source of experience more immediate and at a good price and becomes the substitute for rewards that we do not allow ourselves elsewhere ». But reversing the trend is possible. That's how.

1) Think in motion
To lose weight, you have to eliminate the idea that your life is just this, with no alternatives. Instead, be available to welcome the opportunities you encounter on your way: the days will be less boring and animated. And when you're caught up in something new, you feel disinterested in food.

2) Think single
Alias, try to be independent in any relationship, from partner to friends. So stop being complacent and wanting to please everyone. A little healthy selfishness is often an excellent weight loss cure: by satisfying your true desires, and not those of others, you will have less desire to vent your frustrations at the table.

3) Think beautiful
Find and highlight your particularities, work on the strengths we all have. Learning to like yourself means waking up your metabolism. Because those who accept themselves stop criticizing themselves, so they don't need to overeat to console themselves for not being physically perfect.

4) Think free 
Find the strength to get away from everything that poisons your brain and line: hungry friendships, useless criticisms, anxious commitments. Enduring and keeping it all inside just makes you fat. Freeing yourself from these "emotional chains" leads you to feel more confident and able to express your true feelings in words rather than with food.

5) Think young
Let yourself go, sometimes you do something just for the pleasure of doing it. Often we get fat because we have stopped feeling enthusiastic about life and we act only out of a sense of duty that blocks our creativity.

Recover the silence: in today's hectic everyday life, the challenge is to be able to stay calm, without necessarily speaking, enjoy the peace, disconnect from the chaos. It only takes a few minutes every day to get that pinch of inner peace, which calms you down and prevents you from venting tensions on food. 

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