Lose Weight: Lose weight and burn fat with Nordic walking

    Lose Weight: Lose weight and burn fat with Nordic walking

    Do not think that it is a simple walk with "snowshoes" and that it helps, at the most, to strengthen the arms. In nordic walking the poles, with their special glove, are used in pushing, not in support like those for trekking, making the abs, back, triceps and buttocks, just to mention the most committed muscles, work hard.

    «At the same time we have a less load on the spine and on the knees, pelvis and ankles ”, says Pino Dellasega, master trainer and president of the Nordic walking school in the country. In short, you train but without straining the joints and, with the right pace, you can aim to lose weight by burning excess fat.

    "By walking at a medium-high intensity, around 60-70% of your maximum heart rate (fmc), you guarantee a safe slimming effect», Explains the trainer. In fact, with a constant but not too intense effort, the body attacks the lipid reserves.

    "On the other hand, when the aerobic threshold is exceeded, for example with fast running, the body needs a fuel that gives an energetic reaction in a short time, metabolizing sugars", explains Dellasega.

    Calculate first, then walk

    Below you will find the training program studied by our expert, with times and pace. Follow it by walking at least for 50 minutes, 3 times a week, monitoring your heart rate to check the intensity of exertion.

    To find out your maximum fmc, subtract your age from 226 (women) or 220 (men). Then calculate the 60-70% and do not exceed it, checking with a heart rate monitor.

    The training scheme

    Always start with 5 'of joint mobilization, performing circles of shoulders and arms, of the pelvis and hips, side bending and torsion of the torso.

    At the end of the session, do 5 'in stretching especially for legs, buttocks, arms and back.

    10 'of natural pace, as a warm-up, alternating and parallel 

    5 'of fast walk alternately

    2 'of natural walking.

    1 'on the run

    5 'of walking at alternating pace

    2 'of jumping running, alternating 2' of walking, holding the sticks at the ends and bringing them over the shoulders, behind the head.

    Run 10 stretches upwards, for 8 series, recovering for 30 ”between one series and another

    4 'of walking at alternating pace 

    2 'of very slow walking with alternating steps, with a strong push of the arms

    1 'of race

    4 'of walking at alternating pace

    2 'of skipped run in parallel step

    10 'of natural pace, of cool down, with alternating and parallel pace.

    Alternating step - In this gait, the opposite foot and stick advance. If you bring your right arm and shoulder forward, step with your left foot and vice versa

    Parallel step - The sticks move in unison, advancing and pushing together.

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