Lose weight: how to make the right portions without scales

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You are a diet, but it can happen that you don't have one balance available. Or you do not have the time and desire to declare this operation. This is not a problem, because it is possible (and easy) to calculate the right portions by eye? Here are the doctor's advice , nutrition biologist in Bari.

For pasta: the ok amount to keep calories in check is 60-70 g. If the pasta is short and raw, consider that a glass of water of medium size it contains about 40 g.

The alternative is to count: "To get to a portion you need, for example, 80 orecchiette or 60 fusilli»Reveals the expert.

«To" weigh "the spaghetti, on the other hand, uses the fingers: the space created between the folded index finger and brought to the middle of the thumb hosts approximately 90 g, therefore a portion and a half ».

For main courses and side dishes: «The measuring instrument is yours hand: a slice of meat as big as the palm (fingers excluded) and about 1 cm and a half high weighs around 100 g; a fish fillet (for example, plaice) which covers the palm (including fingers) is about 150g, ”says the nutritionist.

As for the vegetable: "A potato half weighs about 150 g and you can consume it if you do not eat pasta or others in the same meal carbohydrates».

How much bread? If you're looking to lose weight and don't give up on pasta, you can indulge on average 60 g of bread per day: «A quantity that corresponds, for example, to a small rosette or two mignon sandwiches milk », explains Dr. Longobucco.

For the fruit: not to overdo it with sugar, opt for one apple or a medium-sized pear, which does not exceed 140 g. A banana, on the other hand, is around 160 g.

«To measure the berries, on the other hand, use your hands: two handfuls are fine, which correspond to about 150 g. But don't add sweeteners! », Recommends the expert.

An extra help from crockery and cutlery

To dose the correct quantities of some foods and condiments gli instruments you have available in kitchen they can be a valuable help.

Here what does it correspond to a glass, a ladle, a spoon, etc. Find out everything browse our gallery.

1 glass = 200 ml of milk or 150 g of uncooked rice (which corresponds to two portions)

1 ladle = 120 g of sauce or 40 g of raw dried legumes (120 g if cooked)

1 tablespoon =  10 g of oil or grated cheese or 15 g of raw soup pasta

1 tsp = 5 g of jam or salt or 6 g of oil

1 tazza Mug = 250 ml of milk or 225 g of uncooked rice or 230 g of raw soup pasta

1 coffee cup = 60 g of oil or 60 g of uncooked rice

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