Lose weight: how the patches are used and how they work

They are easy to apply and quick in results. Let's talk about patches, or patches, with many uses: slimming, remodeling and draining. "I am very effective products and they require little effort: ideal for women who are always in a hurry ”, explains the cosmetologist Umberto Borellini.

Their strong point

They are real transdermal patches in non-woven fabric or cellulose fibers, treated with microencapsulation techniques e impregnated with cosmetic active ingredients, which are released gradually and deep into the skin to ensure an intense, targeted and continuous action.

«Nei patch i active ingredients are dosed in such a way as to allow an orderly (same dose of active ingredient) and continuous passage, unlike creams where the initial absorption peak decays quickly, thus requiring repeated applications during the day to ensure full effectiveness », confirms the expert.

The top ingredients

“Slimming and reshaping patches in general they also improve cellulite and contain active ingredients that act synergistically, such as green tea, cola extract or ginseng, which stimulate local metabolism; capsaicin, derived from chillies, which is thermogenic and stimulates the microcirculation; there caffeine (an excellent lipolytic and draining) andalga fucus, which contains organic iodine and trace elements with a reducing effect. Often, these slimming and draining ingredients are associated with toning botanical extracts, such as soy, echinacea and horsetail, for a global remodeling effect », continues Umberto Borellini.

Obviously they have a different shape depending on the area to be treated, to better adhere to the area on which they have to act: thus, find specific patches, often sold together, for the arms, the back, the thighs, the buttocks, the cheval culottes and for the belly and hips (enveloping the entire abdominal area). «The advice is to use initial targeted care patches and then move on to the drafting of a cream, to stabilize the results », finally advises the expert.

How to use them

They apply on clean, dry skin and must be left on for at least 8 hours (the right timing, depending on the product, is shown on the package), indifferently during the day or night, but at least a couple of times a week for at least one month.

The patches, all disposable, they should not be used on irritated skin o immediately after hair removal, nor during or immediately after intense physical activity, the sauna or a hot bath or shower, because the pores of the skin are more open and the tissues are more vascularized and there could be a risk of skin sensitization.

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