Lose weight: how phosphatidylcholine works and why it works

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To sculpt the body in strategic points, disposing of i localized grease pads, you can count on lipodissolve (or lecylysis), a technique based on injections made with very thin needles, of a molecule that is still one of the most valid soft alternatives to the scalpel and the operating room required, instead, by liposculpture.

Let's talk about the phosphatidylcholine, a natural substance (technically a phospholipid), which is able to locally solubilize fats, at the same time reducing the volume of the cells that contain them, that is the adipocytes.

Because it is always in vogue

There are several reasons why, since the 90s, the phosphatidylcholine it is used in aesthetic medicine for remodeling purposes. "First of all it is not invasive, from results that last over time (as long as you do not gain weight again after the treatment), has a low cost and it is versatile: it is suitable, in fact, both to correct localized adiposity on the body, for example on the abdomen, arms, inner thighs, hips, knees and for the saddlebags, both on the face, in particular for the reduction of the double chin », says the doctor Dvora , director of the Dvora medical center in Milan.

The new formulations

La phosphatidylcholine it can be combined with other active ingredients or methods to extend its range of action. "If tissue laxity is also present, it can be combined with vitamins, minerals and other toning molecules, such as carnitine, while if you need to intervene on one cellulitis adipose type, injections of phosphatidylcholine they can be combined, in the same session, with radiofrequency », explains the expert.

How the session takes place

The session is quite fast: generally enough fifteen minutes to treat 2 to 4 areas of adiposity. The first results are visible starting from the third day, but they peak after about a month. Usually 3-4 sessions are needed, from around € 120 each, once a month.

But be careful: Phosphatidylcholine is effective only on superficial and never excessive adipose volumes and cannot be considered a substitute for diets and physical exercise.

“While the injections are painless, they can, of course, still cause some discomfort. Also, although it does not require any recovery time, the treatment can leave a slight swelling and sometimes even redness for at least 5/7 days ”, concludes Dr. .

There is also the cream version

La phosphatidylcholine it can also be found in the formulas of creams, gels and remodeling body patches, with the aim of mobilizing localized fat.

To enhance its action, the cosmetic phosphatylcholine (which generally it is extracted from soy lecithin, which contains excellent percentages) is associated with other draining, lipolytic, firming and vasoprotective active ingredients, such as caffeine, aescin, carnitine, centella asiatica and horsetail.

As with any other cosmetic, to obtain an appreciable effect however, constancy is required in the application (every day, for at least 2-3 months) and is to be considered only as a complement to a remise en forme program based on diet and exercise.

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