Long life elixir, super foods

Man has always wondered what the secret of longevity was, today this answer seems to have been given by the result of a recent research conducted by the British University of Leeds which, by the way, has compiled a list with the 20 anti-aging superfoods.


This list features apples, blackberries, tea, blueberries, broccoli, cereals, cherries, Pachino tomatoes, coffee, cranberries, dark chocolate, green tea, oranges, peaches, plums, raspberries, red grapes, red onions, spinach, strawberries . These foods all have the same chemical principle in common: the polyphenol


Polyphenol is a very powerful natural antioxidant, which reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease and helps slow down the aging process.


In the list of superfoods, contrary to what one might have imagined, there are no extraordinary foods, but products that are part of our daily life and that can be easily found in any supermarket and fruit and vegetable. Hence a thought goes to our grandparents who made these foods their daily meal.


Today, in fact, we are used to more elaborate and more practical meals to cook. Very often these foods go directly from the frozen food counter to the microwave oven. It is therefore not surprising that among the 20 anti-aging superfoods there are precisely those simple and genuine products that our land offers us. The list is dominated by local fruits and vegetables.


Cherries and strawberries, for example, are considered excellent anticancers thanks to the high concentrations of anthocyanins (the pigments that give color to fruit) that help improve brain performance.


Pachino tomatoes, red onion, spinach and broccoli which with their phytoprinciples help reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer. Oranges, peaches, plums close the miraculous list and even if it is not mentioned in this menu of wonders, a glass of good red wine can undoubtedly contribute to health and ... mood.



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