Living with regrets: tips to avoid it

Living with regrets: tips to avoid it

Sometimes we live so focused on daily tasks that we forget to have fun. In order not to regret it in the future, you have to change your lifestyle.

Living with regrets: tips to avoid it

Last update: July 26, 2022

Most of us live for the day: we try to meet our immediate needs and don't think too much about the direction our life has taken. In this way, it is common at some point to live with regrets. How can you avoid it?

Science has analyzed the main regrets among the population. The findings provided interesting information that can help us review our goals and priorities.

Change your attitude so as not to live with regrets


Many times we are forced to do a job that does not coincide with our true vocation. The need for money can make us accept a job that does not satisfy us and that even makes us unhappy. It is, in fact, one of the main reasons for regret when it comes later in the years.

It is not always possible to dedicate yourself to what you are passionate about, but you have to try. Not giving up before trying will decrease the chances of future regret. To do this, you can try to include your passion in your life, albeit outside the role you cover.

The really important aspect is to spend your time (at least in part) in those activities that enrich and that they like. Developing your talent will make life so much fuller.


Many people feel uncomfortable expressing and sharing their emotions, yet it is good to be aware of the long-term repercussions of such an attitude. It is likely in the future to regret not having been clear, determined, or sincere.

We may regret not placing limits on certain people who have so hurt us or for not showing our love to those we loved. What we don't let out turns into a lump in our throat, in a weight in the heart.

Let's connect with our emotional universe and let it guide us. Let's try to work on our assertiveness and our emotional management. We stop repressing emotions and allow ourselves to fully experience them.

Living in sentimental regrets

Sometimes daily commitments and routines consume all our physical and mental energy. Focus on fulfilling our daily obligations, we leave no room for free time and the care of social relations. It is important to find a balance in order not to live with regrets in the future.

What we treasure are memories, shared moments and pleasant experiences. We give more space to those moments that are not economically productive, but extremely precious on a personal level.


According to a research study, it is common to regret having prioritized duty over pleasure. In our daily life we ​​are primarily concerned with fulfilling our duties and responsibilities, but after a certain age we regret not having fulfilled our desires, our genuine aspirations.

Let's stop being guided by what society dictates; we forget what is expected of us and begin to wonder what we expect of ourselves.

Don't dare and live with regrets

We regret allowing ourselves to be limited by fear, shame or guilt. For being left with the doubt of what would happen if we said yes.

We focus on avoiding immediate pain or discomfort, we give up on certain occasions because we think about the immediate consequences. However, when we have to make a decision, we need to broaden our vision and try to listen to our inner voice. The one that knows no doubts.

Sometimes it is preferable to jump in, try to overcome uncertainty. Let's stop fearing failure, accept error as an intrinsic part of life and decide to learn from every experience. Sometimes it is more risky not to take risks. We live today, so as not to regret tomorrow.

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