Living in the countryside, a healthy alternative

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Living in the countryside, a healthy alternative

Living in the countryside offers many advantages, but it is not a suitable choice for everyone. This is a growing trend, also favored by the global connection offered by the internet.

Last update: Augusts 28, 2020

The idea of ​​living in the countryside has already taken hold for a few years. The reasons are many, but among all the pollution of the big cities weighs heavily, as well as the hectic pace of life and the stress associated with them.

The first quarter of 2020 has shown that living in a rural environment, with a low population density, is a great advantage in case of epidemics or wars. In such events, it is precisely the population of large cities who suffer the most.

And this is precisely the reason that, in recent months, has led several people to consider the possibility of going to live in the countryside. Rural environments offer numerous advantages, there is no doubt about it, but it cannot be denied that they also have some limitations.

Similarly, not everyone is able to adapt to the rural context, therefore the choice of a possible transfer will have to be well thought out.

"Above all I like that piece of land where a small farm is enough to make me happy and where small goods abound."


The advantages of living in the countryside

The desire to live in the city is not very widespread today and, in fact, there are many people who, born and raised in a metropolis, would prefer to go and live in a quieter place. It is common opinion that living in the countryside is a great alternative, but why? These are some of the reasons:

  • Live in a cleaner and healthier environment. Big cities are becoming less and less healthy for humans, largely due to traffic. Clean air is a highly valued commodity nowadays.
  • Life is cheaper. Big cities tend to be expensive without offering a real advantage in return. In rural areas, the cost of living is generally lower, although the availability of goods is less.
  • Fewer people, better neighborly relations. In the big cities it is all a bit of numbers. High densities do not favor human relationships, on the contrary they impoverish them. In the countryside, ties tend to be stronger and more supportive.
  • More space available. In cities, land is more expensive, which is why houses are getting smaller and more expensive. In the countryside, the notion of space is different and breadth prevails.
  • A different pace of life. In the city, the mind, body and life work faster. Speed ​​is the main characteristic of urban centers. In the countryside you can let go of the accelerator and it is easier to find and keep quiet.
  • Connection. Working remotely becomes easier and easier, therefore, for many, moving away from large urban centers is no longer a problem. An internet connection is enough to stay connected to the world wherever you are.

The disadvantages

As anticipated, living in the countryside also has some disadvantages. Not everyone, in fact, is willing to live in a rural area because the rural context offers:

  • Less availability of work. Living in the countryside is the ideal choice for those who can work from home or have their own businesses. In rural areas, employment opportunities are significantly lower.
  • Less common health services. It is rare to find hospitals or medical centers offering highly specialized services in rural centers. Some diseases are easier to manage if you live in a big city.
  • Infrastructure with failures or limitations. Public services and other basic services such as internet, banks, ATMs, administrative offices, airports, etc. they are generally much less common in rural areas.
  • Less cultural offer. In the countryside, access to museums, shows or cultural activities is much lower than in large cities.

In addition to this, a very active person risks feeling a little disoriented in a rural environment. Social life, although almost always more genuine and profound, is also less eventful.

Living in the countryside also presupposes being in tune with nature, so if you are afraid of insects or don't like contact with the earth, it might not be a good idea.

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