Liver detox supplements, when to take them

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- natural detoxifying supplements for the liver they increase the production of bile and its outflow from the liver to the intestine, carrying out an action purifying, decongestant and detoxifying. Let's find out better.

> The liver main organ in detoxification

> Foods and substances toxic to the liver

> Natural phytotherapeutic supplements

> Other detox remedies


Milk thistle among detoxifying herbal supplements



The liver main organ in detoxification

The liver is one of the most important organs in our body: it plays a fundamental role in most of the processes that sustain our life:

  • produces bile, which passing through the gallbladder, regulates digestion;
  • produces plasma proteins and regulates blood clotting;
  • adjust the levels of fundamental amino acids in the blood;
  • eliminates toxins from the body and excess cholesterol.

The health of our entire body therefore largely depends on its health. In particular, by obstructing the hepatic ducts in which the bile flows, gallstones can greatly compromise the proper functioning of the liver, proving to be the indirect cause of numerous diseases. 

In fact, gallstones can remain inside the ducts for up to eight years before reaching such dimensions as to be observed, and in the meantime they continue to "pollute" our body, hindering the correct flow of bile and thus contributing to the formation of further stones.

Today, we daily test the health of our liver, overloading it with work with particular substances that are toxic for the organ in question.


Foods and substances that poison the liver

There are some foods that can harm our organ. These in fact tire him, making his functions slower and more difficult. I am:

  • trans fats (non-hydrogenated) 
  • artificial colors and preservatives
  • drugs 
  • refined foods 
  • industrial food 
  • fried foods 
  • alcohol
  • XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar
  • overeating in general 
  • smoke


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Natural herbal supplements 

Typically these are bitter herbs that stimulate the production of bile and the release of bile from the gallbladder. 


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Other detox remedies

Hot water and lemon - Upon awakening, a cup of warm / hot water with the addition of a squeezed lemon. Lemon has a high content of Vitamin C, which helps the body synthesize toxic materials into substances that can be absorbed by water and eliminated through the intestine.

Aloe vera juice - An excellent purifying action can also be obtained using the 100% pure juice of ALOE extracted from the leaves of this plant. It is drunk every morning (about 20 ml.) For 2 3 months, at the change of season, and helps the body to eliminate annoying waste (keep in the refrigerator once opened).

Medicinal mushrooms also have detoxifying properties of the most important organs of our body. Some of them in fact play purifying action both draining and detoxifying, nourishing the deficient organs and eliminating the toxin load of them.



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  • Dandelion: also known as dandelion, the dandelion is easily recognized by its intense yellow flower heads (hence the name "sunflower of the meadows"). Used for: edema and water retention, cellulite, high cholesterol, dermatosis, constipation, hemorrhoids, intestinal fermentations, non-infectious, rheumatic and arthritic liver diseases, dyspepsia (poor digestion), intoxication from food abuse, jaundice and gallstones. In particular it increases the production of bile and its outflow from the liver to the intestines (properties respectively defined as cholagogue and choleretic). Its extracts are therefore used as purifiers, decongestants and liver detoxifiers and hypo-cholesterol-lowering agents (it promotes the biliary elimination of excess cholesterol and reduces its absorption thanks to the richness in phytosterols and soluble fibers). Very rich in inulin, a soluble fiber with prebiotic effects, useful for improving intestinal function and selecting a symbiotic enteric flora. 
  • Artichoke: common name of Cynaria scolymus, it is a vegetable that belongs to the composite family. Contains high amounts of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium. Property: appetite regulator; hypo-cholesterol-lowering; purifier of the blood and in particular of the liver as it helps to dissolve accumulated gallstones. Il carciofo contains cynarin, substance capable of causing an increase in bile flow and diuresis; liver tissue regenerator.

  • Milk thistle: or Silybum marianum is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the tuboliflore compound family. Marian mard contains a large number of complexes of bioflavonoids but its popularity is due to its successes in treating liver dysfunction. The silymarin contained in milk thistle has a powerful protective effect against many types of chemical toxins, including alcohol (cirrhosis). Milk thistle extract is used to improve liver function, protect against liver damage and accelerate the regeneration of liver cells damaged (hepatocytes or Kupfer cells), including from food poisoning (mushrooms such as Amanita Phalloides). It is also extremely functional for hepatic steatosis (enlargement of the liver gland) following exposure to industrial toxins, drugs, food excesses. The milk thistle also has a cholagogue effect that is, it stimulates the emptying of the gallbladder and the flow of bile into the duodenum. There silibina, found in milk thistle, stimulates the activity of an enzyme, Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), which acts as a more powerful anti-free radical than Vitamin E. 

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