Live a happy life thanks to 10 skills

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Live a happy life thanks to 10 skills

Happiness is the result of effort, a flower that blooms if we have taken care of it. The skills for living a happy life are guidelines for working on our well-being. The latter is characterized by a feeling of satisfaction with ourselves and our life.

Last update: February 22, 2020

Sometimes we mistakenly believe that happiness is a matter of luck. It is not so. In reality, that general well-being that we call happiness is mainly the result of work. It is actually possible to develop skills to live a happy life, regardless of the good or bad events that could happen.

Clearly there is a component of luck in the life path of all of us. At first we are not in control of circumstances and we cannot shape them at will. Yet when we develop the skills for a happy life, we find the right way to deal with these situations in the most constructive way possible.

The skills for living a happy life are not otherworldly talents. They have to do with the ability to educate our minds to find the way to well-being independently. Let's try to follow the skills necessary to succeed.

Someday, somewhere, everywhere, inevitably, you will find yourself, and that, and that alone, can be the happiest or most bitter hour of your life.
-Pablo Neruda-

Live a happy life ...

1. Happiness is also programmed

We all talk about happiness, but not all of us would know how to define it. Beyond that, we may have a universal concept of happiness, and yet fail to put it into practice in concrete situations.

Thus, the first of the skills for a happy life it is to develop our personal concept of well-being; not only generic, but also referred to areas or situations in which we are involved.

2. Approach to growth, one of the skills to live a happy life

Challenging ourselves brings us closer to happiness. Conformity is a sign that we are overwhelmed by fear or lack of motivation.

Accepting challenges, on the other hand, gives us new life and gives a touch of flavor to what we do. Wanting to be better and doing what we can to do it makes us feel more satisfied with our life.

3. Learn to see the bright side in everything

By instinct of conservation, we tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive aspects of situations. For this reason, it is not easy to learn to see the best in every person or in every situation.

We recommend that you stop bringing out these negative approaches, e counter them as soon as possible with optimistic approaches to be held tight.

4. Being able to trust ourselves to live a happy life

One of the great skills for living a happy life is self-confidence. To fine-tune it, there's nothing better than turning into our best friends.

Let's put aside the constant self-criticism, forgive ourselves for the mistakes made or for not being able to immediately succeed in what we wanted. Let us show ourselves indulgent towards ourselves, and try to understand ourselves, not to judge ourselves. 

5. Balance between the different dimensions of life

Work is an important part of life, but it is not life itself. It is okay to devote some of our time to work, but we cannot allow it to become the center of the universe.

We are happier when we experience not one, but many aspects of our being. The partner, friends, family, health and inventiveness must occupy an irreplaceable place.

6. Develop resilience

It is one of the most important skills for a happy life. It's about the ability to bounce back and grow after taking a hit.

Sometimes it takes time, sometimes it takes a lot of energy, but in the end it is a skill that we can all develop with willpower and commitment.

Resilience, in turn, increases self-confidence and security. That is: we get three for the price of one.

7. Fight against automatisms

We are all pervaded by mental, emotional and physical automatisms. Sometimes they help us make our life easier, but others are mechanical actions that only cause us discomfort. It is good to observe yourself to understand if this is happening.

If so, a good idea is to start modifying the physical automatisms of the behaviors we want to eradicate, and then continue with the mental and emotional ones.

8. Find a purpose

Most of us know that life is interesting and enjoyable when we have a goal to strive for. The problem is that we don't always find that great existential purpose.

Perhaps the ideal would be to let ourselves be guided by the instincts that lead us to small goals that can be achieved immediately. For sure, these will lead us to discover the great goals of our life. 

9. Be kind to live a happy life

You may have noticed that the best people are also the happiest. On the other hand, those who are the bearer of bitterness are also more selfish and, at times, more cruel.

Being kind to others awakens a deep and lasting feeling of happiness in us. Of that happiness that has a positive impact on the lives of others and that is priceless.

10. Establish healthy relationships

The feeling of happiness is full only when it is shared. Relationships with others are essential for personal well-being. The best way to build them is to give value to each person as they are, respecting them and showing us gratefulness for what they offer us.

These 10 skills for living a happy life don't develop overnight. They require effort, perseverance and determination. Ultimately, we are likely not to achieve total and idealized happiness, but we will certainly achieve a much higher level of well-being and an important level of satisfaction with life.

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