Lithotherapy, benefits for insomnia, anxiety and depression

Lithotherapy, benefits for insomnia, anxiety and depression

What is lithotherapy

La Lithotherapy it is a method that uses for therapeutic purposes some minerals and rocks taken from their natural site, diluted and dynamized according to the homeopathic method.

Lithotherapy is nothing more than aoligometalloterapia, but with some differences.

Le rocks and minerals used, the lithotherapics in fact, are presented in vials of 1ml in dilution D8, and have a lasting and profound action on numerous organic metabolisms.

The lithotherapeutic remedies have a catalytic and decelerating action in our body.

They actually go to do an action "Energy release" (chelation) of depth, since our lifestyle, drugs, our diet, the psycho-physical traumas to which we are subjected are unfortunately increasingly numerous sources of chelations.

This is why according to Lithotherapy, rather than speaking of real mineral deficiencies, we speak of blocking, of “concealing” the mineral necessary for psycho-physical rebalancing.

So the aim will be to release the blocked mineral and reactivate an energy circuit.


Depressive states and insomnia

Lithotherapy can be a useful support in depressive states, in insomnia and in general in all disorders of the nervous system.

In a balanced individual, mood is a function of all external stimuli and situations that are experienced, while in the depressed there is nothing but sadness not only of what surrounds him, but often also of himself.

Insomnia it is often the most frequent complication of the depressive state.

Obviously there are various nuances in all this, remembering however that there are depressive states centered on sadness, psychoasthenia and also on bipolar states where there are significant swings in mood.

Lithotherapeutic remedies

Lithotherapy has two very important remedies remedies in the treatment of these nervous system imbalances which are LEPIDOLITE and LITHIC TOURMALINE.

These two minerals containing Sali di Lito they help rebalance the mood of the depressed subject both in the hyper and hypo sense.

In insomnia, on the other hand, the two remedies par excellence are RHODONITE which has a cortico-sedative action promoting sleep, and GLAUCONIE works well in all neurovegetative imbalances from insomnia to spasmophilia.


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