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The 3 lessons of water to face the challenges of everyday life and achieve your goals.

“Empty your mind. Be formless. Without limits, like water. If you put water in a cup, the water becomes a cup. If you put it in a bottle, the water becomes a bottle. In a teapot, the water becomes a teapot. Water can flow or break. Be like water, my friend. "

Bruce Lee.

But how cool is this Bruce Lee quote ?! Eh ... ?! ;-)

There would be hardly anything else to add; I could finish the article here, but ... since there are, I take this opportunity to talk to you about 3 lessons that water tries to give us every day to help us face our daily challenges and reach our most important goals.

1. Face obstacles like water

Have you ever seen a drop of water stubborn against an obstacle or try to continue on a road with no way out? Oh no, the water is a little smarter: the water creeps between the rocks and with its thousand streams it always finds the most effective way to get around the obstacles and continue its path downstream.

Sometimes it happens that when faced with a problem we are able to imagine a single solution, a single alternative, a single… path.

It then happens that we are stubborn in wanting to continue on this path, despite the fact that the desired results continue to fail to arrive. So we take it out on destiny, chance, in short… bad luck! But how can we expect to get different results if we keep doing the same mistakes?

Water is definitely smarter: if it finds an obstacle, it just bypasses it and continues its way up to the next obstacle. Water does not curse the universe for the rocks it encounters in its path: the water doesn't care and goes on.

In short, as already said in an old article: learn to follow the wave.

2. Follow the seasons like water

Just as there is no single way to overcome the obstacles of everyday life, the solutions that worked in the past don't necessarily work in the present or in the future. To continue to achieve ambitious results, you need to understand which season you are in.

Water can adapt to every season:winter, the water flows back into the mountain streams in spring, and then evaporate with the heat ofsummer, and finally pour onto the ground in the rainy weather autunno.

If you've accomplished important goals in the past, don't rest on your laurels. Constantly change yourself and your actions: experiment, make mistakes and experiment again. Often the success can be more dangerous than a failure; aren't you convinced? Read this article on the importance of failures (yes that's right ... failures).

3. Achieve goals like water

Water is one of the most effective elements found in nature: in some respects, we could almost say that water is… lazy. Have you ever seen a water do percorso different from the simplest or the least resistant one ?!

We often complicate our lives by ourselves: if our goal is to go from point A to point B, we can invent the most absurd paths, when the simplest way is always the most direct one… Or the way that water would choose.

Are you familiar with this way of achieving goals ?! The next time you set a goal and come up with a plan to achieve it: let go of the mental saws and focus on the easiest path to achieving it. Remember, the more you are able to reduce a problem / goal to its essential components, the higher your chances of solving / achieving it.

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