Let nothing and no one break your magic

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Let nothing and no one break your magic

Last update: December 16, 2015

Your magic is unique. Your way of being is a work of art based on encounters, disappointments, disbeliefs, virtues and defects; all these elements often lead you to be incredibly chaotic, unpredictable and authentic.

It is evident that we don't always feel the magic in what we are doing. Sometimes we feel sad, out of place, pessimistic, weak, apathetic. In reality these moods are necessary to understand if a storm of vitality is coming towards us.

Over the course of our lives, we can experience disappointments, we can feel old and understand that "we were better off before". We don't realize that it is not the events that have the power to break our magic, but it is we who allow ourselves to lose it On the road.

The only way to recover the magic is to make use of what is left of you

Forget the good memories, because the only thing they do is make you believe that those moments will never come back. If you are afraid, use your fear: fear tells us that interesting things can happen in life. Don't look to the future with the same parameters you used in the past, you are no longer the same. If you take the same look, you risk running into calculation errors:

"The mistake is to look at Yesterday with the same eyes as today,

wanting things to be the same again,

when you are no longer the same,

as if sighs could be recycled

or give the same kiss twice.

The dumb don't scream, the deaf don't hear the music,

with the three letters with which it is written "then"

you cannot write "Now",

the love that was does not return ”.


The eyes of the wolf aspiring to a new opportunity are your magic

How can you start believing in beautiful things again if you take refuge in the comfortable corner of melancholy, if you lock yourself in the tunnel of oblivion with memories and denials? By doing so, you prevent your soul from practicing your magic with other people and situations.

Melancholy composes poems, writes songs, paints pictures, listens to complaints and dries tears, but does not rebuild lives. Start over; you are wounded, but wiser. For this new journey, a light baggage is enough: faith, magic, hope and will.

"Hope so sweet,

so bright, so sad;

the promise so light

I do not need;

so light I don't need it

the hope;

anger so submissive,

so weak, so humble;

the fury so prudent

I do not need;

so wise I don't need it

so much anger. "

(Mario Benedetti)

Melancholy is only useful when it pushes you to live the future

If you carry light luggage, but a heart full of hope, then another golden age is upon us. You will not become rich, nor will you be adored by everyone, nor will you have a perfect life. If you are sure of what you deserve, you will be truly living, and life will give you back everything you do for it.

You will know people who will bring out aspects in you that you didn't even know you had. Your ability to cope in any situation will be at stake again, as will your old insecurities, the ones that gave you a lot of satisfaction right after you got over them. Those that have made you a beautiful person, not an individual among many. The ones that still make you look innocent, even if the wrinkles have already appeared on your face.

Having a restless mind that hesitates when it is time to take certain steps is not a brake: it is like having an open book, willing to fill new pages with emotions and feelings.

It is never too late to use your magic

The experience of life teaches us that when we believe we have everything under control, something changes. It teaches us that open endings are the most beautiful, that accumulated errors do not make us embarrassed or embittered, but rather transform us into people looking for a new opportunity to demonstrate the large amount of things learned. We are wiser now.

Life also teaches us that adventure is dangerous, but routine is deadly; that sometimes we want to return to a safe place, like old warriors who, after a long journey, look for someone to lick their wounds, listen to the stories of their victories and their sufferings.

This is life, it is a succession of moods and experiences that we must not live negatively, but with desire and willpower.. Sure, melancholy will show up on time several times, but your magic won't be stopped by the first disappointments.

It is always necessary to have a plan A, B, C and D, to imagine various possible paths. If you keep your magic alive, you will walk them all and you will enjoy the journey very much.

If you have holed up in a corner, convinced that the magic will never return, look in the mirror and you will find it. You just have to use it!

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