Lentil sprouts: properties, benefits and use

I lentil sprouts they are an inexhaustible source of protein and have properties antioxidant, remineralizing, cholesterol lowering, antiarteriosclerotica. Let's find out better.

> Description of the lentil

> Composition of lentil sprouts

> Properties and benefits

> Organoleptic characteristics and use of lentil sprouts

> Secrets of sprouting

Lentil sprouts: properties, benefits and use


Description of the lentil

With the generic name "lentils" we mean the seeds of a fabacea that has always been cultivated and consumed in all areas of the globe. Of Lens culinaris ne there are numerous cultivars, and this variability is also shown in the characteristics of the seeds: we have small and orange lentils, others flatter and yellow, others even more plump and brown, but there are also green, pink, black and white lentils.

India is the world's leading producer and, not surprisingly, lentils are a cornerstone of its cuisine; but they are also consumed in Arab countries, in China, in North America. In particular they are found abundantly in the recipes of vegetarian and vegan cuisines more attentive to the intake of iron and, above all, vegetable proteins.


Composition of lentil sprouts

As mentioned, lentils and lentil sprouts are exceptionally high in protein, among the best sources of plant-based protein. In addition to proteins and a broad spectrum of essential amino acids, it is worth noting the high iron content, so much so that one hundred grams of lentil sprouts and cover more than 20% of the average daily requirement.

To be added the presence of vitamins A, vitamins of group B and mineral salts such as zinc, phosphorus and magnesium.


Properties and benefits

The range of nutraceutical components essential for health and well-being contained in lentil seeds is increased exponentially in lentil sprouts, therefore we are talking about an ideal food to bring iron and vegetable proteins to the metabolism.

The properties generally attributed to these shoots are those antioxidant, remineralizing, hypocholesterolemic, antiarteriosclerotica.


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Lentil sprouts: properties, benefits and use


Organoleptic characteristics and uses of lentil sprouts

The lentil sprout is a wild card: candid, rather neutral and versatile. It lends itself to many kinds of recipes, such as raw in salads and bruschetta or as a side dish, or lightly steamed and seasoned.

It is appreciated in soups and soups of both vegetables and legumes and is a pretty good condiment even for pasta or cold rice. A slight preliminary burn eliminates the tendency to generate aerophagia.


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Sprouting secrets

Lentil seeds have great germinability: they grow quickly and numerous. It is important to consume the sprouts with all the seeds and before the leaves sprout: once the vegetative phase of leaf production has begun, there is an irreversible loss of many nutritional principles.

Therefore, after soaking for about ten to twelve hours, depending on the variety, the lentils will sprout in a period of two to five days in a special tray or in a sprouting plant. At that point they will need to be kept in the refrigerator.


Lentils and its sprouts among the natural supplements of vegetable proteins


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