Lemon cake: 10 recipes and variations to try

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La lemon cake is a dessert that you can prepare in numerous versions, following the classic recipe vegan recipe or gluten-free. You can decide to prepare a lemon meringue cake or a lemon cake without butter, for example. Here are 10 possible variations for prepare the lemon cake at home.


Classic lemon pie


La classic lemon pie it has a very soft dough. The traditional recipe is based on flour, sugar, eggs, potato starch, lemon zest and juice, vanilla yeast and extra virgin olive oil. THU recipe.

Cheescake al limone vegan

Here's how to prepare the cheescake al limone vegan. You will need digestive-type dry biscuits, extra virgin olive oil, soy yogurt and tofu (perhaps self-produced) and other all vegetable ingredients. THU the complete recipe for our lemon cheesecake.

Vegan lemon cream tart

Another lemon cake that you can prepare in a vegan version is oursvegan lemon cream tart. The lemon juice and zest (choose organic lemons) will serve you to prepare a delicious cream to fill the tart. THU recipe.

Lemon meringue cake


La lemon meringue cake it has a base of shortcrust pastry, a filling with lemon cream and a topping of meringue. The taste of lemon contrasts with the sweetness of sugar. THU recipe.

Ginger and lemon cake

This recipe tells us that it is very easy to make a ginger and lemon cake without butter. Perfect for a snack or a dessert to be served at the end of a meal. Here you will find the procedure for making it.

Lemon cake without eggs

Here is the recipe for the classic lemon cake modified to allow it to be prepared without resorting to eggs. There lemon pie without eggs it is suitable for those suffering from intolerances or simply for those looking for a lighter dessert. THU recipe.

Yogurt and lemon donut

To prepare this yogurt and lemon donut you will need a few simple ingredients, and above all organic lemons to use the grated peel. Here is the recipe to follow step by step with doses and cooking times.

Lemon cake without milk


You can easily prepare your traditional milk-free lemon cake by replacing it with your favorite vegetable milk, or by relying on the recipe of lemon cake without milk that we propose to you. THU recipe.

Vegan lemon cake


Vegan lemon cake, soft, light and easy to prepare. It's about a Homemade lemon pie without milk, butter, eggs or other ingredients of animal origin. For leavening, bicarbonate and preferably apple vinegar are recommended. THU recipe.

Lemon donut

This lemon donut it may be suitable for those who cannot consume milk and derivatives, perhaps due to an allergy to milk proteins or a lactose intolerance. The lemon donut is a simple and richly flavored dessert perfect for breakfast. Soft, genuine and healthy, this recipe does not include the addition of any fat, neither animal nor vegetable. THU recipe.

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