Lemme Diet: Better To Avoid It?

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The following article has the simple function of to illustrate i concepts hinge exposed by dr. Lemme, already exhibited in his network space; therefore, we advise our kind users to deepen their reading at the place internet more adequate. In the following paragraphs they will be quoted verbatim only alcune information marked with quotes; we apologize in advance for the "thrift " with which we will report the words of dr. Lemme but, alas, some of his considerations are decidedly offensive and for correctness we will omit them voluntarily.


What is the Lemme diet?

The Lemme diet is named after its founder, the pharmacist-researcher dr. Alberico Lemme. Following an in-depth study carried out between 1990 and 2000, Lemme founds "Food Philosophy", a method of nutritional interpretation that dovrebbe innovate the concept of diet.

Let's now make a brief preview of what we will explain later:

<<alla luce dell'importance that cover theesteem and considerazione of himself in the triggering of inappropriate food conducts (abuse), typical of severe obesity, DON'T it should be the habit of any professional to define "fat people"subjects with similar problems".

Exactly; for the uninitiated, Dr. Lemme was the focus of one uncomfortable debate - also in the context of television entertainment - which has seen him use, on several occasions, unprofessional terms towards his user group (overweight subjects).

Having said that, it will be our care to analyze briefly the Lemme diet. Readers will wonder what could be the reason for a superficial and not in-depth analysis; in fact, for pure informative attempt. We also invite all readers to consult in person what the doctor writes in his texts and the salient glimpses of the films that have seen him as the protagonist of heated debates on TV.

System Analysis

At a first reading, Dieta Lemme DON'T it stands out from the many (so to speak) contemporary dietary innovations; it is obviously an opinion, even if the elements to draw this conclusion seem to be really all there. However, reading what the self-proclaimed philosopher cites about rights, lawsuits and complaints, it is difficult to understand who really conceived the above philosophical theories. It matters little; DON'T glory should fuel scientific research, but the importance of its application in the medical field.

Eating to lose weight: a slogan

We find once again the concepts of bucking low calorie diets poorly conceived in the past; Lemme diet states that "you have to eat to lose weight". Avoiding excessive restrictions is undoubtedly an excellent method for maintaining a metabolism (therefore a catabolism and anabolism) effective ed efficient in weight maintenance; although such a statement is easy misunderstanding.

Calorie ridicule

Skipping the process of miracles obtained by Dr. Lemme, which also include psychiatric remissions of Eating Disorders (DCA) such as "anorexia and bulimia" - let's hope that's true, as dietary failures are among the most important risk factors for chronicization of these pathologies - we come to the "Holy Grail" of the Lemme diet: "the ridicule of the use of calories ". As the philosopher describes, this theory - subtracted from him with cunning and deception by many professionals - is already very widespread; the concept is certainly not obsolete but neither is it absolute.

Respecting the basic concepts of human nutrition, endocrinology and chrono-biology - unless they are exclusive to the doctor - any food technician distinguishes nutrients based on metabolic functions. Let me be clear, the reference is aimed at well-trained specialists and not at "umbrella makers"- as diet author Lemme defines them. By contrast, the most of the ingested macronutrients are destined for production energy and above all their quantity and percentage in the diet determine the metabolic pathway. We apologize to the professionals for the simplism and to the layman for the lack of immediacy of the information; let's try to give a small example:


Nothing new.

Principles of the Lemme diet

Lemme diet if you base your:

  • Glycemic index (GI) of foods and the consequent interaction with insulin;
  • Biochemical Impact: which has food inside the body with the interaction of the hormonal system in compliance with the circadian rhythms;
  • Food associations;
  • Individual enzyme pool (variable over time).

Put simply, it is based on "biological action"- which could be better defined interaction biological - between nutrients and metabolism. These concepts are quite widespread, but probably the difference between the effectiveness of the Lemme diet compared to the therapies of the "umbrella makers" consists in the ability to apply them correctly. We will not go into the merits of the evaluation of the "individual enzyme pool (variable over time)" which represents a clear one application of the concept of individuality e adaptation to stimuli; if it were laboratory tests ... hats off! They will certainly be included in the price of the Lemme diet.

Fats don't make you fat, fruit and vegetables do

On reading this sentence, you risk completely losing the will to go deeper into the subject. As much as we can share that

  • a contribution quantitatively suitable for fat, or even higher but within a context norm- The low calorie, DON'T makes you fat e DON'T metabolism worsens;
  • l'abuse of food sugars like fruit, or even just di fructose sweetener, worsens the metabolic set and promotes adipose accumulation;

any professional should repudiate completely diet Lemme in the moment in which he defines fruits and vegetables as foods that make you fat.

The experiments that demonstrate the importance of the many essential nutrients deriving from fruit and vegetables are hundreds, it will certainly not be any food philosophy that discredits their nutritional qualities.


We will not draw conclusions on the Lemme method, as already commented above, but we will limit ourselves to a quote from the same doctor:


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