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Legend of feelings

The legend of feelings tells that millions of years ago, in an indefinite place on Earth, the various virtues and vices of humans met

Last update: Augusts 15, 2020

The legend of feelings tells us what happened when the virtues and defects of human beings came together to play hide and seek, thanks to the crazy ideas of the madness that lives in us.

It is not known for sure where the legend of feelings originates from. For some unknown reason it is attributed to Mario Benedetti, but it was not he who wrote it. Some speculate that it is a revised version of a story by Jorge Bucay or even by Mariano Osorio.

In any case, this legend began to circulate about thirty years ago with the name The madness and the game of hide and seek. Over time, however, it was renamed as The Legend of Feelings. 

"The fools open the way for the wise men to follow"

-Carlo Dossi-

This story takes us back to the magical moment when nothing had yet been established and the distinct emotions began to be configured. He tells us the origin of feelings in a moving and very human way.

The legend of feelings

The legend of feelings tells that millions of years ago, in an indefinite place on Earth, the various virtues and vices of humans met. Boredom, perpetually fed up, began to yawn and attack her laziness on everyone else. To avoid this, madness offered everyone a fun game. “Let's play hide and seek,” she said.

Intrigue was immediately interested in the proposal while curiosity asked: "How do you play hide and seek?". Wisdom explained that it was an old entertainment, you had to cover your face and count to a million while the others hid. At the end of the count, the aim was to find everyone.

Immediately the excitement and euphoria began to jump. They loved the idea of ​​the game. Their happiness was such that even doubt decided they wanted to participate. Apathy joined in, which usually stayed on the sidelines. Thus the game began, and with it the origin of feelings.

The game begins

Madness, more and more exalted, offered to be the first to count. And so she began: "One, two, three ...". The truth decided not to participate, because it did not see the meaning: they would have found it anyway. Pride said the game was stupid and she didn't want to participate. It had bothered her that madness had launched the idea, and not her.

Laziness started running for hiding, but soon got tired. She then hid behind the first rock she saw. Triumph, diligent as ever, chose the tallest tree and climbed it to hide among its branches. Behind him came envy, who took advantage of the great shadow of triumph to hide under him.

In the meantime, faith took off in front of everyone's amazement, hiding in the clouds. Nobody could believe it, only she could be capable of such a thing. Her generosity, for her part, was concerned for those who could not find a hiding place. So she began to help the others, and she almost did not have time to hide. Selfishness, on the other hand, found the perfect hiding place in a cave and closed the entrance with shrubs so that no one could enter.

The surprising ending of the game

Madness was thrilled. She kept counting until she got to one million. After that, he uncovered his face and began looking for his friends. The first to be discovered was laziness, which was on the doorstep. Then he found the passion and desire, which had hidden at the bottom of a volcano.

She later found the lie, so liar it had made her believe she was hiding in the water, in fact it was in the center of a rainbow.. Madness was on the trail of forgetfulness, but he forgot where that trail led and decided to leave it for later.

Love was the only one who couldn't hide. When he saw the madness approaching, he hastily hid behind some shrubs. Madness, which was not stupid, said to itself: "Love is so banal that it will surely have hidden itself among the shrubs and roses." Since roses have thorns, madness armed itself with shears and began to cut them off. Suddenly there was a scream of pain: madness had hurt the love in her eyes.

Regretful for what happened, the madness came to mind only to get down on her knees and ask for forgiveness. Since she had damaged his sight, he offered to guide him from then on. Since then, love is blind and madness accompanies it.

Thus ends this beautiful legend of feelings, which associates qualities with our feelings, drawing a picture of the emotional experiences with which we all identify.

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