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Learn to say thank you!

Last update: 06 November 2015

It's a pleasure to get along with a few simple words, no doubt it's a small sign of the people we are, as is everything we've experienced.

Yes, that's it, even at the worst and darkest moments you need to know how to say “thank you”.

And no, it is not an externally imposed obligation, but a duty we have towards ourselves: our emotional well-being passes through the filter of constant thanksgiving for what we have had in life and what we were, for what we have now and what we have become.

Cervantes used to say, albeit in other words, that good manners make man. But perhaps there is more: when our life comes to an end, one of the feelings we wish we had will be that of having said “thank you”.

Giving thanks will help us on our way

The fact is that gratitude, if understood as the ability to recognize a benefit, is an internal state that spreads outwards.

From the moment we come into the world until we leave, we are the result of a constant flow of experiences that arouse emotions of a very different nature in us. And that is why the greatest duty we have is to say "thank you".

What made us happy comforts us and makes our ambitions and dreams stronger. What made us sad and caused us pain gave us a lesson.

I say "thank you" for the memories that filled my life,

but I also say "thank you" to those who tried to escape

because it is thanks to them that I am who I am and I am aware of it.

Our relationships with others are based, among many things, on feelings: when a person does something for us, including offering us a shoulder to cry on in dark times, then we get closer to them..

It is well known that greater complicity arises from sadness and that ruptures leave scars, stories, true stories like ours.

Giving thanks increases our emotional well-being

Giving thanks is equivalent to having a positive attitude, it is synonymous with a glass half full, waking up on the right foot or opening your lungs to breathe fresh air..

Some studies, in fact, have shown that gratitude improves our health and also helps stabilize our emotional well-being.

The one responsible for keeping our emotions in balance is serotonin, a chemical substance secreted by our body.

In order not to fall into the tunnel of depression, for example, serotonin remains at stable levels. A resource to facilitate the task is surely gratitude.

Do the diet of happiness: a smile every morning,

A "thank you" at the end of the day.

We really hope this post will help you to end this day and start the new one with this new diet of happiness. It is of great benefit to you and your body.

It does not require special efforts or sacrifices, but provides the necessary nutrients to feel better at all times.

Your emotional and personal relationships with the people around you will become stronger thanks to the energy released by mutual gratitude, a great help for those with you and for yourself in the different phases of your life.

The little things, the simplest ones, are the most important and those for which you have to say "thank you".

Bad and bad times are an opportunity for change, mistakes give you the chance to learn, toxic relationships reveal the need for new and healthy relationships. But the days, the days offer opportunities. One after the other, without hesitation.

And, even if for Walt Whitman life was a desert and an oasis, you have to enjoy it to the fullest and always be grateful for it.

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