Lead a productive work team

Lead a productive work team

Leading a productive work team means carrying out a successful project. Making a mistake, on the other hand, could compromise group cohesion.

Lead a productive work team

Last update: January 17, 2021

Leading a productive work team requires the adoption of intelligent command and delegation strategies. One of the keys to good group leadership is to continue this long-term working climate. Consistency and perseverance are very important for good results.

A productive work team is the result of proper training, strong motivation and direct communication, as well as harmony with the group and intelligent decision-making ability. Not by chance, a good leader is one of the most powerful glues to keep the team together.

How to lead a productive work team

Leading a work team effectively is not an easy task. However, some tricks, tips and strategies can help us. We present them in detail in the following lines.

Direct contact with the group

We are not referring to the group as a whole, but to each member that composes it. Working as a team means that each member has different needs, particularities, talents and abilities. A good leader knows how to blend individual communication with group communication, choosing a channel or another according to the recipient, the message, the moment, etc.

Communication is the main path through which information travels; consequently, the better it is organized, the more effective it will be. This allows you to have constructive conversations thanks to which each member will be able to give the best of their abilities in a respectful and dynamic environment.

Recognition of the effort to lead a productive work team

A good leader knows how to thank and acknowledge the work of his collaborators. In addition to this, he knows how to show empathy by putting himself in the shoes of his colleagues and underlining the efforts made to achieve certain goals, those of which he is most proud.

A productive work team maintains a multidirectional dialogue where conversations are positive and direct, aimed at motivating, providing confidence and recognizing the merits of each individual member in a constructive way.

"To lead, people walk behind them."


Periodically define goals and objectives

Every great goal requires the gradual achievement of small goals that bring the group closer to the final goal. Only in this way is it possible get out of the comfort zone and promote motivation and inspiration.

For this purpose, it is useful to reiterate and periodically review the trajectory of the group, establishing different objectives and phases and inaugurating others. In these moments it is important to evaluate what has been achieved and what should have been achieved and what has not been achieved, in addition to putting on the table effective solutions for those points where there is a block or the work goes too slow. The so-called agile methodologies that are so fashionable today.

Proper conflict management

Hiding conflicts or waiting too long to resolve them has always proved of little use: in many cases it only ends up complicating or intensifying them. A good leader faces the situation at the right time, usually long before it becomes a difficult problem.

When a conflict takes root and expands without anyone stopping it, it will turn against the cohesion of the group, disintegrating the team. Wise management of conflicts, carried out at the right moment, can strengthen cohesion, improving the work environment and company performance.

Skillful management of the routine to manage a work team

Routine can be a virus that attacks the motivation of a work team. Make small changes so that the group doesn't get bored and reduces their productivity it may be a good idea.

As always, it is important to act with common sense. When a leader delegates or is a manager, must know the talents and abilities of each worker, his experiences and the knowledge available to accomplish what is required of him. Otherwise, the dreaded frustration could emerge.

Let's not fool ourselves. Leading a work team is not easy, much less doing it well. These tips are a starting point for acting with balance and intelligence. It is worth to train and prepare for the position of leader: the results will come little by little.

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